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4 Reasons Your Retail Store Needs an App

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In the digital age, shoppers want to interact with their favorite retail stores 24/7. An app provides a portal through which shoppers can access your inventory and make purchases with the swipe of a finger. Consider these reasons to enhance your customers’ shopping experience with an app.

Increased Engagement

A Hewlett-Packard and Aruba joint study shows that 86 percent of shoppers use retail apps, and a whopping 59 percent use their favorite retail apps at least five times or more per week. The study affirms that apps provide a highly effective way to engage shoppers. An app makes it easy for your customers to browse and shop your inventory wherever they may be. You can program your app to send push notifications directly to smartphone users’ devices. This means your customers don’t have to log into your website or their email account to get announcements from you store; you can use alerts to help your customers indulge their interest with new merchandise, deals and other perks you may offer.

Improved In-Store Experience

Apps increase online sales, but they have the power to draw shoppers into your store. For example, you can create an app that shows real-time inventory updates to let customers know if their favorite merchandise is in stock before they arrive at your store. Depending on the size of your operation, you can also include navigation capabilities that help customers find your merchandise on their smart devices without wandering around the store or stopping by the customer service desk. For example, if you run a health food store, add features to your app that point customers to the exact aisle and shelf locations of vitamin products. You can also add a feature to your app that allows customers to pay for their in-store purchases, no credit card or cash required.

Outstanding Loyalty Program Retention Rates

Loyalty programs have the potential to keep customers coming back to your store. Keeping up with old-fashioned loyalty program mailers and computer printouts can be a hassle, and they often cause customers to lose interest. A convenient app that helps customers track loyalty points and perks, and redeems them in-store and online, can get more of your customers involved and prompt them to stay involved in the program. A loyalty program app provides the perfect platform for you to launch exclusive promotions to select shoppers. Creating a sense of exclusivity is an excellent way to boost sales.

Robust Intelligence-Gathering Capabilities

To stay competitive, you need to collect data about your customers, the products they want and the trends they’re following. An app provides the perfect platform to collect data such as your customers’ email addresses, shopping histories, locations and demographics. You can also post surveys on a retail app to gauge what your customers think about your app, store design and customer service. Use the survey results to implement improvements.

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