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Creating An App That Users Love

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Whether app development is part of your business marketing strategy or your full-time business, you want to create an app that your users love and use regularly. Getting users to love your app is the challenge. Research shows that most new mobile apps lose 90 percent of their users after just one month. So to make your app successful, you need to do more than create a good app – you need to create an app that your users value. You can accomplish this by paying close attention to your user needs.

Solve a User Problem

App markets are competitive. To get users to download your app and keep using it, your app has to be fantastic. To get your app to that level, you have to pay close attention to what your user base needs.

Think of your app as a tool. People reach for tools when they need to solve problems. You can find out what your users are thinking through research. For example, a plumbing company needs to know about a problem its customers face and how an app can make it easier to solve the problem. Don’t overlook your competitors’ tools; your app should offer something that the competition does not.

Keep it Simple

Your user experience should always be a chief concern during the development stage. An app with a complex user interface might be a technical masterpiece, but if your users have a hard time navigating through it, they will choose apps that are easier to use. Use [wireframing software] (http://tech.co/wireframing-tools-shaping-mobile-app-development-2015-07) to plan a simple, intuitive interface that keeps clutter to a minimum. Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to intuitive design. Use familiar patterns and icons, such as envelope icons for messages, red for design, and pinch/push to adjust content size.

Best Feature Focus

If you’ve created a good app, then you have a tool that has a unique take on solving a problem. Don’t give away this advantage by adding on too many extra features that make it hard for users to find the one unique feature your app offers. Focus instead on fine-tuning the one key feature that sets you apart from the competition.

Watch non-techie users test your prototype. If they have a hard time figuring out how to use the app’s key features, then ask for feedback and streamline your features accordingly.

Ongoing Research

App development doesn’t end when you go live on launch day. To keep people using your app, listen to user feedback closely. Track user trends to monitor your app’s performance right after launch and over time. Ongoing research about how people use your app is also an important part of the software development cycle; it allows you to make necessary adjustments that keep people happy with your app over the long term.

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