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3 Ways Personal Trainers Can Make More Money

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Personal training can be a profitable career. The most successful and sought-after trainers can charge $400 per hour or more for their services and still turn away business because they’re so busy. For new trainers starting out, the money doesn’t come so easily. Canadian gyms that hire personal trainers pay around $20 per hour, but if you work as an independent contractor, you only get paid for the hours you have clients. This means if you book only 10 one-hour sessions in a week, your gross pay is $200 – hardly enough to live on. You can command a higher hourly rate by going out on your own, but then you have expenses, and you don’t get to rely on the gym’s walk-in traffic to procure business. Because it can take time to build up enough of a customer base to make a good living as a personal trainer, you might consider a few creative ways to make more money.

Nutritional Counseling

You’ve probably heard the line that abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. What your clients put into their bodies has as much or more of an effect on their fitness results as the routines they follow in the gym. If you’re struggling to pay bills with the money from training clients but also having difficulty expanding your client base, you might want to consider pitching additional services to your current customers. Nutritional counseling is a great place to start. Let your clients know that if they’re serious about achieving their fitness goals, they can get there twice as fast by following a training routine and getting their nutrition on point.

Supplement Sales

Nutritional supplements, such as protein, glutamine, and fish oil, are no substitute for good nutrition, but they add nutrients to a quality diet. One of the great things about selling supplements is you can do it both online and offline. Most supplement companies that sell online have affiliate programs where you can sell on the company’s behalf and get a large cut of the commission. If in addition to your health and fitness knowledge you know a thing or two about building websites and search engine optimization, becoming an affiliate for a supplement company could provide a passive way to earn extra income.


If you have decent writing skills, consider writing e-books about health and fitness, supplements and nutrition, or anything else on which you’re an expert. With Amazon’s Kindle Store, you no longer need an agent or a publishing house to sell books. If your book offers value and you market it right, you could sell thousands of copies and earn money off your book for years. Even if you lack writing skills, you can find a ghost writer to do the work at a low price. That way, all you have to do is get your ideas on paper and have someone else come up with the best words to convey those ideas. There are many ways to can make more money. If you’re just starting out as a personal trainer and struggling, be creative and put your skills and knowledge to multiple uses.

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