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3 Ways Yoga Teachers Can Make More Money

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With more Canadians getting interested in yoga and taking yoga classes, you might think being yoga instructor would be a lucrative career. However, when you’re just starting out, you might be earning as little as $45 per one-hour session. Even though yoga instructors can make a decent hourly wage, the challenge is teaching enough classes to earn a full-time living. However, you can find some additional ways to boost your income.

Start a Blog

Web users love reading well-written blogs with lots of images and videos for inspiration, so consider starting a yoga blog. You can write inspiring posts and take pictures of various poses to guide fans in their daily yoga practice, creating shareable content that your readers can post to their social media pages and share with their friends. To turn your blog into an income generator, you can sign up for an affiliate program, such as Amazon.ca Associates, and earn money when people click through your affiliate links to buy the books or equipment that you mention on your blog. You can also earn revenue by posting ads from Google Adsense or from local businesses. You could also create how-to yoga videos and post them to YouTube and earn ad revenue from your videos, which you could also post to your social media pages and embed into your blog to increase views. Your website should have a lead capture page, which encourages people to subscribe to your blog by email. Email subscribers are more likely to read your blog regularly, giving you the steady traffic you need to generate income from your blog. As your blog grows in popularity, you may end up being considered a social media influencer and earn money from writing articles for newspapers and guest posts for other blogs and websites.

Step into a Management Role

As a yoga instructor, you’ve probably worked at fitness or wellness centers, or spas. These types of businesses have directors, department heads, and assistant managers, so you might apply for a position next time you see an opening. In some cases, being in management means a full-time salary with benefits. At the very least, you might snag a regular part-time management job, which allows you to each yoga classes but still have a regular paycheck to supplement your income. You might work for a fitness business that wants to increase its yoga students, in which case you might pitch your boss on the idea of letting you step into a marketing role, for pay of course. As your employer’s yoga ambassador, you can get people excited about the benefits of yoga and sign them up for classes.

Develop Your Private Client List

When it comes to teaching yoga, you may need to think like a freelancer and amass private clients who want instruction from you specifically. Clients can be individuals or businesses for whom you provide customized yoga instruction upon request. For example, a corporate client might hire you, at a rate you set, to teach yoga classes several times a week on-site as an employee perk. You can also provide private instruction to your clients in their homes as a way to make extra money. Teaching yoga classes can be very rewarding. Think outside the box to find ways to earn more revenue, so you can make a full-time living doing what you enjoy.

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