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Nonprofit Grants and Funding Opportunities in Canada

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If you run a nonprofit, you may be able to apply for grants or other free or low-cost funding opportunities. There are multiple organizations throughout the country that focus on providing this type of funding. The approval process can be competitive, but the opportunity is often well worth the effort.

To learn about more grants, consider looking at a site such as Charity Village. Also, talk with colleagues in your field, or consider consulting with a professional grant writer about finding and applying for grants.

Royal Bank of Canada

Committed to working with nonprofit and charitable organizations in the communities where it does business, the Royal Bank of Canada accepts requests for donations. The bank provides donations in a range of amounts, but 80% of donations are worth lower than $20,000. Donations can be used to cover up to 20% of the costs of specific projects, but the bank’s contribution can only make up 0.5% of your total operating costs.

RBC accepts applications throughout the year. You may apply for a general donation, or you can attempt to increase your chances of success by applying for a specific program. For example, the RBC Youth Mental Health Project provides funding to groups focused on mental health services for children and teens.

The Mixed Capital Opportunities Fund

The Toronto Enterprise Fund sponsors a Mixed Capital Opportunities Fund for nonprofit organizations and charities. To apply, you must attend an informational session and submit an application with a detailed business plan approximately a month later. In most years, the group holds two sessions, and it awards funding worth between $10,000 and $30,000. If your application is approved, half of the funding is a grant, which you do not have to pay back, and the other half is a loan. The program is restricted to groups in the Toronto-Hamilton area.

4Cs Foundation

Based in Halifax, the 4Cs Foundation provides grants to organizations devoted to bringing the community together. Your project must bring children and other people from the community together in a meaningful way – and it must be a long-lasting endeavour, not a one-time event. Founded in 1999, the group distributed $2 million in its first 15 years, and it accepts inquiries at any time.

Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts distributes grants to nonprofit artistic organizations all over Canada as well as to individual artists. In 2015-2016, it gave away over 4,000 grants. The council runs several different grant programs each year. If you run an arts-based organization, check the site regularly for opportunities and deadlines.

Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan

Funded by the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust, the Architectural Heritage Society of Saskatchewan provides financial rewards to support architectural excellence and conservation. The group offers awards to nonprofit and community organizations, as well as to architects, designers, and constructors. Typically, applications are due in early spring, and winners are announced in May. The value of rewards may vary.

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