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Attracting Millennial Donors to Your Nonprofit

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Millennials in Canada account for 27% of the population as of 2016, making this cohort crucial in your nonprofit’s fundraising activities. As this generation continues to enter the workforce, they have additional discretionary income that can benefit your organization. Millennials’ unique characteristics add challenges and opportunities when collecting donations from this group.

Remain Engaging

Millennials like to build relationships with organizations. Stay engaged with this generation after they have made a donation. Use technology to show how they have made a difference in the world. For instance, you could upload a video to social media that shows how your nonprofit built a new school in a developing nation. Consider launching a blog to keep millennials updated about your nonprofit’s cause and where their money is getting spent. Create content that is easy to share on social media. Self-image is important to this generation; millennials like to communicate with their friends about the positive impact they make.

Convenient Donations

Your nonprofit organization needs to make collecting donations convenient. Millennials expect to do things instantly. Growing up with technology has allowed them to access what they want immediately. For instance, they can download a song in seconds. Streamline the donation process as much as possible. Accept donations directly through your website. Millennials want to make donations while they’re on the move; ensure your donation page is easy to use and mobile-friendly. Consider investing in software that generates an automatic receipt after each donation via a text message or email. You could send a digital receipt to allow for immediate download.

Encourage Volunteering

Get millennials involved in your nonprofit’s cause by encouraging them to volunteer and get a first-hand experience of how your organization operates and helps the community. Invite your millennial volunteers to attend weekend camps to immerse themselves in the work you do. For example, if your nonprofit assists children with cancer, you could ask your volunteers to help design an activity plan. Make sure you organize regular events to keep your volunteers engaged. Once millennials have embraced your cause, they are more likely to donate and get their friends to participate, helping increase your word-of-mouth marketing.

Create an Experience

Millennials value experiences. Capitalize on this by turning the donation process into an event. For example, if your nonprofit organization raises money for motor neuron research, you might organize a 5K fun run. Encourage participants to take photos of the event and share them online by offering prizes. You could recruit a celebrity to help raise awareness for your cause. Add to the experience by having the celebrity take some selfies with those who attend the event. Creating an experience involves millennials in your donation activities to make them feel like they’re part of your mission. Your Canadian nonprofit organization can increase the donations it receives by targeting the nation’s largest generation, millennials. To successfully raise money from this cohort, ensure you continue to engage millennials after they have donated, make donating convenient, encourage volunteering, and create experiences.

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