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How to Get More Donor Gifts Through Your Nonprofit Donation Page

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Funneling all of your nonprofit’s online donations through one place is a smart and easy way for you to streamline all your incoming donations. In many cases, this donation collection hub is the donation page. And whether you capture 10% or 100% of your donations online, it’s a good idea to pay attention to it.

What is a donation page, exactly? It’s a webpage that’s located directly on your website or hosted by a third party that’s designed to capture everything you need to process a donation. Whether you’re raising funds for a particular fundraising campaign or just looking to capture donations from your everyday website visitors, a donation page does the trick.

While you could argue that any donation page is better than none at all, there are a few ways to capture more donor gifts.

To begin, as you create a donation page, keep in mind that both your current and prospective donors are likely to reach the site. These are people who may be familiar with your nonprofit’s marking and will expect similar branding. So one of the easiest ways to perfect your donation page is to use your logo and similar brand colors.

Another way to get more donations on your donation page is to link to it whenever possible, such as in fundraising emails, on your social media profiles, and even at the bottom of your email signature.

Once your donor gets to the website, it should be easy to navigate. Use a standard donation form layout that includes the donor name, gift amount, and any donor options such as monthly giving. If you’re raising money for a particular campaign, don’t forget to reveal the fundraising goal on your donation form or provide suggested giving amounts. These little steps help to structure and guide your donor through the giving process.

Think through how you create and share your donation page and you can naturally drive more online donations to your nonprofit organization.

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