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Small Business Tip: Expand Your Nonprofit Workforce With Home-Based Volunteers

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Finding volunteers for your nonprofit organization can be challenging, but if you cast a wider net, it’s a lot easier to find the help you need. Consider recruiting some volunteers to work from home. Virtual volunteers don’t need physical work spaces, and the community benefits from having more people involved in your mission.

Home-based volunteers can make phone calls for fundraisers or staff a crisis hotline. Thanks to modern web-based phone systems, it’s easy to set up these tasks to happen from anywhere. Home-based volunteers can help with administrative work, accounting, legal issues, and related tasks. Think outside of the box when arranging virtual volunteering. For instance, if you run an after-school program for kids, you can arrange for a specialist from anywhere to teach a class over Skype.

Many people don’t know it’s possible to volunteer remotely. Potential volunteers may be homebound, lack transportation, or face other issues that prevent them from volunteering in person, but they may still want to help. You need to find these people and let them know about your nonprofit’s remote opportunities. To do that, consider advertising on sites such as Volunteer Canada, but also get the word out in other ways. Share ideas over social media, and encourage your followers to let their friends know. Also, talk with current volunteers. They may have some leads for you.

When you’re willing to accept people who volunteer from home, your organization gets the benefit of more hands on deck, while people who may not normally be able to volunteer get the satisfaction of giving back to their communities in useful ways.

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