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How Canadian Nonprofits Can Stand Out

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In an ongoing battle for internet users’ attention, for-profit and nonprofit organizations are both constantly clamoring over one another in the marketplace. Nonprofits are also deadlocked with each other because of their heavy dependence on donors’ financial and word-of-mouth support. Approximate figures put something like 3 billion people online daily, with more than 3.5 billion individuals using Google to access information about anything and everything, including nonprofit organizations. There is a great deal of “noise” in the world in terms of innumerable nonprofit appeals for support and donations. Your nonprofit first needs to be noticed before you can successfully elicit support for your organization from your target audience. To be noticed, your organization needs to clearly stand out, head and shoulders, above its competitors in a marketplace full of nonprofits, and in a social media environment likewise flooded with nonprofit appeals for giving.

A Clear, Concise, and Streamlined Website

The appearance and functionality of your nonprofit’s website is very important because it is often the first impression potential donors receive of your organization. It is also the place that potential donors seek to get information they need to feel they are making an educated decision about supporting your nonprofit. Your organization’s home page or landing page should be fairly simple, clean, and uncluttered. Let visitors read more in-depth information about your organization on another page on your site by clicking on a “Learn More” button. Your home page should contain simple, but impactful, headlines and photos that clearly convey the essence of your work. Try to stick to complementary colours that are pleasing to the eye, and make sure all text fonts and colours are easy to read. Offer a brief synopsis of your organization, including your mission statement and current goals. Language, in terms of tone and expression, is another important aspect of your website. It should be professional but relatable.

High-Quality Content

Regardless of the specific nature of your nonprofit, part of the legacy your organization leaves behind is content generated with your organization’s name attached. With a variety of print and digital outlets available, there are more and more possibilities and opportunities for your nonprofit to create compelling content. One of the most popular avenues for delivering content is by producing videos. YouTube continues to grow in popularity, and offers nonprofits a readily available platform and a huge potential audience for which you can create videos that are special and unique, and that set your nonprofit apart from the crowd. Consider producing high-quality videos, and don’t skimp on lighting, setting, camera work, or your presenter’s appearance. Focus on effectively communicating the unique value proposition of your nonprofit, and be entertaining as well as educational and informative.

Superior Email Campaigns

Don’t overlook the important role that an innovative email campaign can play in the success of your nonprofit organization. You want your email campaign to be effectively automated, sending an organized set of periodic emails, so it continually works on your organization’s behalf. Include eye-catching designs, graphics, and images along with written content. Ensure that your emails are formatted to be mobile-friendly, as they may well be read on a smartphone or tablet. Tweak your contact list on a regular basis to ensure that emails are going to the proper people and all appropriate contacts are included in mailings. Your nonprofit’s website, marketing, and communications should all be designed to accent what makes your organization unique and uniquely worthy of support.

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