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Resources for Funding Opportunities for Nonprofits

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Starting and running a nonprofit can often require a lot of capital. As you steer your organization to success, you may need to apply for loans, but to avoid interest and budget-straining loan payments, you may want to apply for grants on a regular basis. There are thousands of grants available to Canadian nonprofits, and it’s important to know where to find them.

Government of Canada Main Website

The main website of the Government of Canada features information on all kinds of government programs, and in particular, this site has pockets full of details on grants. To find these grants, you can start at the site’s home page. Then, select the subsection of the site that interests you; you can choose topics such as indigenous people, scientific research, or sports and culture. Once you select a topic, the site takes you to a category page that often has another link to funding. That link then takes you to a list of grants or other financing opportunities for nonprofit organizations in that category.

Canada Business Network

Another site from the Canadian government, the Canada Business Network, also maintains long lists of grants and other funding opportunities including loans, microloans, and loan guarantee programs. You can find grants earmarked for specific types of nonprofits and activities. The site also has a convenient “briefcase” feature that allows you to select and save nonprofit funding opportunities to look at later.

Charity Village

For over 20 years, Charity Village has been providing important information to Canadian nonprofits and their volunteers and employees. You can find grant and funding opportunities on this website, but you can also list job offers for your organization and volunteer opportunities. This multifaceted site contains lots of e-learning opportunities. If you’re looking for tips on writing grant proposals, managing volunteers, or other aspects of running a nonprofit, you may be able to find them on Charity Village. Grants come from a range of funding sources including corporations, government organizations, and independent funding sources.

Canada Grant Watch

Canada Grant Watch is a private grant database started and maintained by a woman in the United States but designed for use all over North America. The site typically lists nearly 10,000 grants, and it has thousands of archived grants so you can look at old opportunities. Many of those funding opportunities are reserved exclusively for Canadian nonprofits. The site archives old grants and adds new grants every day, but you don’t have to check the site on a daily basis. Instead, you can sign up for updates to be emailed to you weekly. If you want full access to all of the information on the site, there is a subscription fee, which you can pay monthly, quarterly, or annually. If you run a library or similar organization where you want to give access to multiple users, you can apply for a multi-use licence. If you’re actively searching for nonprofit funding, consider checking these resources for updates on a regular basis. This helps you stay informed and ensures you get to start the application for the nation’s top grant opportunities ahead of the competition.

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