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Why Nonprofit Organisations Should Be Tracking Social Media ROI

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Social media marketing can put your nonprofit in front of potential donors, partners, and those sympathetic to your cause. Promoting your organization on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter lets you target certain demographics and reach out to people who’ve expressed interest in the cause promoted by your organization. If you’re going to market your nonprofit on social media, and in particular, if you use any form of paid marketing, tracking your return on investment, or ROI, is critical. By measuring ROI, you learn exactly what results you’re getting for the time and money put toward social media marketing. Nonprofits can measure social media ROI in more than dollars. Typical ROI tracking looks at how much revenue is generated per dollar spent on a marketing campaign. So a $5,000 campaign that generates $10,000 in revenue boasts a 2-to-1 ROI. However, tracking soft metrics such as website visits, likes, retweets, and comments, along with hard metrics such as donation dollars, offers benefits as well.

Brand Awareness

One of the biggest hurdles for a growing nonprofit is making people aware of your brand. Thousands of people exist who would potentially be interested in supporting your cause, but they cannot do so if they don’t know about your organization. With social media marketing, you can pinpoint these people with the focus of a laser and deliver messages targeted directly at them. By tracking key soft metrics, such as new followers to your Facebook and Twitter pages, click-throughs from your social sites to your nonprofit’s website, and likes, comments, and retweets, you gain objective data on how your nonprofit’s social media marketing is increasing brand awareness and spreading your message to your target audience.


Social media ROI tracking lets you measure how many users are engaging with your brand based on your marketing efforts. Engagement can be anything from liking or commenting on a Facebook post to sharing or retweeting your message on Facebook or Twitter. Measuring engagement is important for a couple of reasons. First, an engaged audience is a strong indication that people are listening to what you’re saying, and in the long run, this translates to more people coming on board with your cause. Additionally, when people engage with your brand, such as by sharing your posts or commenting on them, other people on social media take notice, many of whom may not previously have been familiar with your brand.

Donations and Partners

One area where measuring ROI is not only vital but also offers concrete metrics is in the amount of donations and new partners received from a social media marketing campaign. Using tracking apps such as Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, you can measure, for example, how many visitors to a donation landing page, which is only accessed after a person makes a donation online, originated from one of your social media marketing campaigns. From there, you can compare the dollar amount of donations generated by the campaign to its cost and calculate the campaign’s ROI.

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