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How to Use LinkedIn to Find Talent

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When you’re searching for the next big thing to support your small business goals, LinkedIn offers access to pools of potential employees. While you can pay to post a job on the Job Board, there are plenty of free ways to work your LinkedIn network, whether you’re hiring a new employee or looking for freelance help.

Start by having a clear idea of what type of talent you need. It’s much easier to spot someone who matches your needs when you know what those needs are. Set specific criteria for the talent, but don’t get too caught up in finding the perfect candidate. You might miss out on a truly talented candidate if you spend too much time checking off boxes.

Develop a branded company profile with keywords that reflect your company values. When job seekers look for potential employers, they can find you more easily if they search for those keywords. Look through the people who follow your company profile on LinkedIn. They’re interested in your business on some level, and some of them may have the talent you need.

Reach out to your current network by posting about your talent search. Encourage your network to share the opportunity with people they know who may fit your needs. This lets you cast a wider net in your search. Post on both your personal and business LinkedIn page.

Search for people who meet your criteria by using keywords that match your preferences. You can search by title, company, school, and other criteria to find certain types of people. Read through LinkedIn profiles of the search results as a way to screen the potential candidates via social media. When you find someone who might work, use InMail to reach out to that person. Save your search from the results screen to receive additional candidate options that match your criteria.

Join groups on LinkedIn that relate to your business or industry. You may find talent in the group, or you may get recommendations for candidates from someone in the group. Being actively and authentically involved in the groups is important in finding good candidates. LinkedIn is a useful social media recruitment tool to find talent for your company. Know what you need, and search for candidates in multiple ways for the best results.

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