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Attract Top-Tier Talent to Your Nonprofit

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Like many nonprofit organizations, a lack of funds is probably one of your biggest issues. So when it comes to attracting talent, you may not feel that you can compete, because you can’t offer the same salaries that private-sector companies do. When you need to attract top-tier talent for your nonprofit, play up what else you offer, such as opportunities for advancement, professional development, and a progressive company culture.

Focus on Business Culture

Many talented workers know their worth and are picky about the kinds of companies they work for. In place of a high salary, your nonprofit could have a better chance of attracting top talent over the competition if you have a very progressive company culture. Culture refers to the way you and your managers treat employees, whether you listen to their ideas, whether you and your managers are receptive to constructive criticism from employees, whether you embrace diversity, and whether you promote regularly and from within. A nonprofit with a progressive culture might also offer greater opportunities for work-life balance and allow employees with family obligations to telecommute, at least part time. Company culture starts with you and your managers. To ensure you’ve got what it takes to attract top talent, you might consider working closely with your managers to make sure you’re all sending the same message when it comes to how you deal with your employees.

Offer Better Benefits

Canadians get many benefits from the federal government by virtue of their citizenship, and the federal government pays about 70% of health care expenses, explains the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector. This still leaves about 30% that needs to be covered, which you can offer job candidates as a perk for taking a position in your nonprofit organization, especially if the private-sector jobs they’re considering don’t offer enhanced health benefits. Consider partnering with local holistic health providers and offering reduced rates on these types of services that standard health insurance packages may not provide. You might also consider enhancing the retirement packages you offer, allowing long-term employees to leave the workforce when they’re ready without reducing their pension benefits. Making it possible for employees to upgrade their skills at your nonprofit’s expense is also a benefit you might consider offering.

Sell Your Mission

Many people want to make a difference in the world, so it’s a good idea to show job candidates exactly how working for your nonprofit can further its mission of achieving good things for their community or the world at large. To get job candidate excited about taking a job with your nonprofit, make sure you have a well-written mission statement posted on your website. You might also prepare a multimedia presentation that provides details about the work your nonprofit does and the vital role your employees play in the organization’s success. It’s challenging for nonprofits to compete with private-sector companies for top talent. Even though you may not be able to offer a lot of money, making it possible for your employees to achieve their personal and career goals and do good for the community and humanity all at the same time can make your nonprofit the better job option.

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