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How CharityVillage Can Help You Grow Your Nonprofit Staff

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Finding and hiring ideal employees for your nonprofit is just as challenging as finding the best employees to hire at a for-profit business. One good resource you can use to find potential job candidates is CharityVillage, a website that connects nonprofits with individuals who are seeking employment with nonprofits and charitable organizations.

What CharityVillage Offers

The CharityVillage website connects job seekers with employers looking to hire additional staff members, much like the job websites Indeed.ca or Monster.ca. The key distinguishing feature of CharityVillage is that it’s specifically aimed at connecting potential employees and employers working in the nonprofit arena. By searching for employees through CharityVillage, you can effectively narrow your search to the candidates who have a distinct interest in working for a nonprofit organization. Such candidates are also more likely to have valuable experience in doing nonprofit work.

CharityVillage can help you find nonprofit events based on specialty, province, and region. Attending events run by charities in the same lane as yours gives you a way to network with nonprofit staff and gain access to a wider pool of individuals who may be interested in joining nonprofits.

How to Effectively Use CharityVillage as a Resource

Look for candidates who may have direct experience in the specific type of charity work your nonprofit is engaged in doing. This is easy to accomplish with CharityVillage because it makes it easy to find the staff you need by posting specific positions your nonprofit has available.

CharityVillage also has career management and career guide sections. These can help you learn how to train and motivate your staff to continue improving their skills and efficiency within your nonprofit. The site’s webinars and online courses offer you and your new employees information to guide their training, expand their capacity at your nonprofit, and help keep your organization running smoothly.

Getting the Best Employees

Many of the best potential employees are top-tier individuals who know how valuable they can be to your organization. This can make them picky when it comes to the nonprofits they work for. To attract these candidates to your organization, make sure your business culture is on par with their talents. Keep your nonprofit moving forward by being progressive in how you treat and relate to employees. Make sure potential new hires understand that you value their ideas and want to work with them to drive your nonprofit into the future.

Another way to secure the best talent is to offer good benefits or better benefits than other nonprofits like yours are currently offering. The government already provides citizens the majority of their healthcare costs, but you can offer compensation for the remaining 30% that isn’t covered. Consider providing employees with better retirement packages. This benefit on the back end can make all the difference in successfully attracting new and talented employees for your nonprofit.

Using CharityVillage is a great way to find and hire the best candidates to add to your nonprofit’s team. Offering the proper compensation and benefits to promising candidates is the key to obtaining the best possible talent.

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