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Recruiting and Hiring Top Talent on a Nonprofit Budget

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Recruiting the right personnel for your nonprofit organization can be achieved without paying large salaries and stretching your budget. Look at factors other than money to motivate top talent. Once you understand what employees want, you can tailor your recruitment processes to attract these people.

Sell the Cause

When hiring, point out the benefits your nonprofit brings the community. For instance, if your non-profit assists the homeless, discuss how fewer people are living on the streets since your organization became involved. Make potential recruits aware of rewards or public acknowledgment your nonprofit has received for giving back and the positive association that can bring. Maintain an active social media presence that demonstrates the work your organization does. People who interact with your posts are a good lead for possible recruits.

Hire Interns and College Graduates

Consider hiring college graduates or interns. Most college graduates are looking for an opportunity and are eager to learn and embrace new ideas. They may not have the experience of an industry veteran but are free of preconceived notions, allowing you to build a positive culture. Connect with millennials using social media networking sites, such as LinkedIn, and by participating in relevant online forums. Utilize your management team when recruiting college graduates. They often have the best idea about what type of skills their department needs. For example, if you’re hiring a summer intern to help out with bookkeeping, your payroll manager may know best about which accounting software programs new hires should be familiar using.

Highlight Work/Life Balance

People often feel burnt out in high-paying careers; use this to your advantage when hiring new staff. Employees are often willing to sacrifice a higher wage if they’re given more flexibility to manage their time efficiently. Make benefits such as flexible hours or the ability to work from home evident when recruiting new employees.

Show your staff that you value them as people, not just as workers, by having a ‘bring the home to work day.’ Encourage them to bring their children, spouses, or parents into the office so you have a better understanding of their family life. Think about offering weekly yoga classes to help your staff stay mentally healthy. Developing a reputation for valuing a healthy work/life balance helps make your nonprofit organization a workplace of choice.

Encourage Volunteering

People who have the skills your nonprofit is seeking may be happy in their current role that is paying more than you can offer. Don’t be discouraged; reach out to these individuals and ask if they may consider working for your organization as a volunteer. If you organize several fundraising activities each year, ask them to help. Volunteering provides a better understanding of the work your nonprofit does and allows for interactions with key people. After they see the benefits of working for your organization, they’re more likely to consider a wage reduction to work for your nonprofit.

Your nonprofit organization can recruit top talent while paying modest salaries by marketing your vacant positions in an appealing way that resonates with people and makes them feel that they’re making a meaningful difference.

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