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Recruiting Millennial Volunteers for Your Nonprofit

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Recruiting millennials as volunteers for your nonprofit can be a good way to drive your organization forward. Millennials tend to be generous and engaged, which makes them good potential recruits as volunteers. Find out how to attract millennials to your organization.

Expertise and Skills

Millennials are driven to volunteer when they can make use of their specific skill sets or draw on their expertise. Review the different areas, departments, and positions in your organization that you need to fill. It may be wise to add or change some of these to fit the skills and expertise that millennials are likely to have. For example, millennials are great with technology, specifically social media, so you might consider creating positions for social media management. This would allow millennial volunteers to use their tech skills to help promote and introduce your nonprofit to a wider audience. When you recruit, highlight these positions.

Giving With a Purpose

Millennials are most likely to pour their time and energy into a volunteering position when it serves a greater purpose. It’s important to let potential volunteers know what your organization stands for and what cause it serves. If you don’t already have one, take the time to develop a mission statement that expresses your organization’s purpose, what it’s ultimately trying to accomplish, and the steps your nonprofit is taking to achieve its goals. Millennials are more likely to volunteer for your organization if their personal and professional values and goals line up with your organization’s values and goals.

Social Media

As mentioned above, the millennial generation is actively involved with social media. They interact, learn, share, and connect with others using social media platforms. It’s important for your organization to be visible and reachable on these platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most widely used. Social media gives you a perfect place to develop and share information about your nonprofit. Post blogs, articles, and videos that reflect your organization’s vision and goals. Reach out to contacts you know, and invite them to share your posts with millennials in their circle of contacts. The more widespread your presence is, the more opportunities you’ll have to connect with millennials and encourage them to sign on as volunteers.

Experiences and Opportunities

The millennial generation is also drawn to organizations that let them gain experiences that benefit them personally and professionally. Connect and work with schools, universities, and other organizations and companies. Offer positions that could help with university admissions in the future or that expose them to contacts that could help them with future job opportunities. The best way to reach out to millennials is by being present in their world. Set up a stand at job fairs, and highlight positions that offer the best experiences and learning opportunities. Millennials are innovative, creative, and eager to get involved in a nonprofit that benefits them and benefits the world in some way. Their ideas, talents, skills, and experiences can add momentum that helps drive the growth of your organization.

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