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5 Ways to Utilize Colour Psychology in Your Office

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Colour has an effect on mood, emotion, and behaviour. Otherwise, phrases like “feeling blue” and “green with envy” wouldn’t even exist. As a small business owner, there are ways that you can apply colour psychology in your office to your advantage.


Red screams “buy” or “good deals,” which is why retailers often offer red-tag sales to attract customers. Red also creates a sense of urgency and promotes fast actions. For example, most “limited time only” signs are red. Believe it or not, red can even increase your metabolism and cause you to want to eat more. If you’re a restaurant owner, using more red colour in your restaurant or in your logo may do wonder to your business. Red also has an effect on people’s sense of temperature. It makes you feel warmer than it actually is. You may be able to keep the thermostat a couple of degrees lower and save some money on your electricity bills if you have more red in your office.


If you don’t know what colour to use in your office, blue is usually a safe bet. Blue gives people a feeling of trust and promotes loyalty. It’s also a more conservative colour. If you have a more conservative business that is big on reliability and trust, blue may work well for you. For example, if you’re an accountant, you may want to increase the use of blue colour in your office. The colour blue can play tricks on your mind, too. It can reduce your tension and encourages concentration. If your business requires your employees to focus on certain tasks, adding some blue in the work space may improve productivity.


Green is in the middle of the colour spectrum, making it a more balanced colour. It offers a sense of harmony, comfort, and sympathy. Green is often associated with freshness and growth, which gives this colour a nurturing quality and promotes creativity. If you have a creative business, such as a web design company or a photography studio, you may do well having more green in your office. Be careful not to have too much green, though, because green may evoke the sense of selfishness and envy.


Pink is a soft colour with a feminine feel to it. If your business targets female customers, you really need some pink in your office or your logo. For example, Victoria’s Secret uses pink extensively on its website and in its stores. Pink is also a calming colour. If you have to work with aggressive and resentful customers – for example, if you’re a marriage counsellor – adding some pink colour in your office may help keep everyone calm.


Brown is an earthy colour that is often associated with strength. It gives people a sense of security and reassurance. However, brown is a rather masculine colour, and women may find it boring or even dirty. Businesses that deal with outdoor activities may benefit from brown colour. For example, a business that sells outdoorsy products such as hiking and camping accessories may consider using brown in its office. Colour is more than decoration. By using the right colours in your office, you can gain some big positive impact on your sales and employee performance.

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