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VoIP May Be the Best Option for Your Small Business Phone System

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Consider using VoIP to save money and obtain additional features when choosing the ideal small business phones for your growing franchise or startup. Several options exist, but VoIP provides savings and other benefits that make it the best choice for many small businesses. Selecting the best service provider is straightforward once you know the features available and the benefits to your business.

Most businesses see significant savings with VoIP over landlines. Savings vary depending on the provider you select, but PC-to-PC calls are typically free. PC-to-phone calls may cost you a little, but they cost a lot less than phone-to-phone calls. Upfront costs tend to be low, too. You probably already have the necessary fast internet connection. You also need either VoIP phones, VoIP software, or adapters to make your existing phones work using VoIP. Setup costs are minimal, with some providers offering it for free.

VoIP systems are rich with the usual features available with top landline offerings while also providing simultaneous ringing, voicemail-to-text transcription, and the ability to set “away” hours. VoIP systems are also highly portable. Take a VoIP phone with you to use it anywhere you can find a broadband internet connection.

Before you select a provider, do a little homework. Make sure that any provider you consider has received great reviews of its system’s performance and call quality, as these can vary a lot. If you already have office phones, check for a provider that can affordably match your phones with their system. Be sure to ask about the cost of international calls if you plan to make those, and confirm that any provider you’re considering offers the particular features you want at the right price.

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