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Using QuickBooks Tax

QuickBooks Tax: Frequently Asked Questions

Streamline the process of filing taxes for your small business in Canada or Canadian clients with QuickBooks Tax (QBTax). Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on the QuickBooks Canada website.

Where is the ‘Save’ button?

Data entered in the QBTax feature saves automatically, so there is no ‘Save’ button.

Does the information captured in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) Canada flow through to the schedules in the T2 returns? For instance, does depreciation in QBOA flow to the S100 and then to the S8 in QBTax?

Yes. Users must use Workpapers in QBOA to map the data, and then pull it into QuickBooks Tax when creating a new tax return.

Can I use my web access code to file my taxes instead of an EFILE number and password?

No. You may only use EFILE at this time.

Will the EFILE number and password pre-populate for each company filing?

QBTax does not save the EFILE number and password, but users can modify their browser settings to auto fill, or they may use other password manager programs with their web browsers.

Can administrators modify user access for filing the T2 Corp tax?

Not at this time. Any user that has access to the particular client file can file the return.

Where can I find the EFILE confirmation number?

A confirmation number displays on the screen immediately after filing. You may also reference this information on the ‘Tax Returns’ tab within your client’s file.

Is there a report that shows my EFILE status and confirmation number

Yes. You may view your EFILE status on the “”Tax Returns”” tab within your client’s file.

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