2018-03-07 13:40:49Professional AccountantsEnglishThe following government forms are initially available the QuickBooks Tax. We are working hard at adding more forms with each release.https://quickbooks.intuit.com/ca/resources/pro-accountants/qboa-what-forms-are-available/What Forms Are Available?

Using QuickBooks Tax

What Forms Are Available?

Which forms are available in QuickBooks Tax?

S1Balance Sheet InformationFederalGovernment
S100Opening Balance Sheet InformationFederalGovernment
S125 (Single only)Income StatementFederalGovernment
S141Notes ChecklistFederalGovernment
S2Charitable Donations and GiftsFederalGovernment
S200T2 Corporation Income Tax ReturnFederalGovernment
S24First time filer after Incorporation , amalgamation or winding-up of a subsidiary into a parentFederalGovernment
S3Dividends Received, Taxable Dividends Paid, and Part IV Tax CalculationFederalGovernment
S4Corporate Loss Continuity and ApplicationFederalGovernment
S50Shareholder InformationFederalGovernment
S524Ontario Specialty TypesONGovernment
S53General Rate Income Pool (GRIP) CalculationFederalGovernment
S546Corporations Information Act Annual Return for Ontario CorporationsONGovernment
S547Annual return for Ontario CorporationsONGovernment
S55Part III.1 Tax on Excessive Eligible Dividend DesignationsFederalGovernment
S6Summary of Dispositions of Capital PropertyFederalGovernment
S7Aggregate Investment Income and Active Business IncomeFederalGovernment
S8Capital Cost Allowance (CCA)FederalGovernment
S88Internet Business ActivitiesFederalGovernment
T183Information Return for electronic filing for an individual’s Income Tax and Benefit ReturnFederalGovernment
T2 AdjustT2 Adjust worksheetFederalGovernment
5Year5 year tax summaryFederalWorksheet
InfoCorporate informationFederalWorksheet
InstalmentsFederal tax instalmentsFederalWorksheet
S100NotesS100 notesFederalWorksheet
S1AutoNon-deductible automobile expensesFederalWorksheet
S4SuppLoss continuityFederalWorksheet
S53SuppWorksheet to calculate GRIP additionFederalWorksheet
S53DetailsWorksheet to track GRIP historyFederalWorksheet
S5BC/S427British Columbia Corporation Tax CalculationBCWorksheet
S5MB/S383Manitoba Corporation Tax CalculationMBWorksheet
S5NB/S366New Brunswick Corporation Tax CalculationNBWorksheet
S5NL/S307Newfoundland and Labrador Corporation Tax CalculationNLWorksheet
S5NS/S346Nova Scotia Corporation Tax CalculationNSWorksheet
S5NT/S461Northwest Territories Corporation Tax CalculationNTWorksheet
S5NU/S481Nunavut Corporation Tax CalculationNUWorksheet
S5PE/S322Prince Edward Island Corporation Tax CalculationPEWorksheet
S5SK/S411Saskatchewan Corporation Tax CalculationSKWorksheet
S5YT/S443Yukon Corporation Tax CalculationYTWorksheet
S5ON/S500Ontario Corporation Tax CalculationONWorksheet
S7RentalStatement of rental incomeFederalWorksheet
S8ClassDetails of CCA by classFederalWorksheet
S8LeaseCCA of leasesFederalWorksheet
S8SuppReconciliation of NBV and UCCFederalWorksheet
SummaryTax summaryFederalWorksheet
TaxPaidTax instalments paidFederalWorksheet
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