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5 Inspiring Resources for Accounting Students

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If you’re in school preparing for a career in accounting, you may want some resources to help you. Luckily, there are all kinds of podcasts, books, and magazines designed to help you through college and as you start your career. Get started by checking out some of the following resources.

University Magazine

Before you can launch your career, you need to survive at a university, and University Magazine is a great resource to help you. This online magazine is written by and for Canadian university students. Topics include career and studying advice as well as surprising tidbits ranging from the dangers of energy drinks to the [potential benefits of marijuana for students.][1]

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada

This website from Chartered Professional Accountants Canada has a wide variety of resources. You can explore online posts about becoming a CPA or furthering your professional development, and the site also contains business and accounting resources. You can subscribe to the CPA Canada magazine, which has articles ranging from tips on how to use popular programs such as Excel to ideas on how to get your continuing professional development credentials. There are also special resources and benefits for members. This includes savings and discounts as well as information on volunteer opportunities, which are a great way to enhance skills while getting your name out there.

StartUp Podcast

This award-winning podcast is ideal if you want inspiration for starting your own firm when you finish school. Even if you don’t plan to start your own firm, the stories showcased in this podcast can help as you try to inspire and guide your future business clients. The show uses a narrative (storytelling) format to explore how new businesses get off the ground and succeed.

Canadian Small Business Kit for Dummies

When you’re studying to become an accountant, you learn the ins and outs of the financial aspects of running a business and keeping the books, but unless you also get a general business degree, you often miss out on a lot of the other aspects of running a business. Penned by Margaret Kerr, this book from the Dummies series gives you an easy-to-read overview of everything you need to know about starting a business in Canada.

The book covers everything from staffing to marketing to figuring out sales tax, and this information can be invaluable if you plan to start your own accounting firm. A similar book from this series is “Starting and Running a Small Business for Canadians for Dummies All-in-One” by John Aylen. It contains seven complete books on intellectual property law, business plans, human resources, marketing, and more.

Home Work Podcast

If you plan to work as a freelance accountant, you may want to check out the Home Work podcast. While not specifically geared toward accountants, this podcast provides helpful tips and ideas to all kinds of professionals who work from home. You may even be able to adopt some of the time management tips and ideas on work-life balance to your time as a student.

As you explore these resources, you are likely to find even more. On top of using the above resources, consider joining an online or in person group of other accounting students. They may also know about resources you should check out.

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