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Leverage a Digital Company to Receive Subsidies From the Alberta Media Fund

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If some of your clients are in the publishing or production industry, they may be able to get government money to cover some of their operating and program expenses. The Albert Media Fund (AMF) offers several different grants to support cultural industry organizations. The AMF’s goal is to grow, sustain, and help businesses become more competitive. As of May 2018, there are five grants under this program since the Alberta Production Grant has been replaced.

Who Is Eligible?

For your clients to be eligible, they have to be registered and in good standing with the Canadian government. The business has to be controlled by people living in Alberta with a head office in Alberta. Your clients’ primary business purpose must be either written publication or production for film or sound. Eligible final products include digital services, script writing, book publishing, magazine publishing, or sound recording.

Screen-Based Production Grant

The first grant in the Alberta Media Fund is the Screen-Based Production Grant (SPG). The SPG covers up to 30% of your client’s eligible production costs for requests up to $3 million. If 35% of your client’s off-screen crew is composed of marginalized or members of unrepresented groups, it is eligible for an additional 1% in funding. Your client has to be engaged primarily in film, television, or digital media production.

Interactive Digital Media Grant

The Interactive Digital Media Grant funds your client up to $200,000. Your client can submit as many applications as it wants. It just has to primarily be engaged in the making of interactive digital media and be financially healthy, and have general liability insurance.

Post-Production, Visual Effects, and Digital Animation Grant

Also known as the Post-Production Grant, this third offering from the Alberta Media Fund pays for labour expenses. Your client can get up to 18% of its labour costs covered up to $200,000. Eligible types of work include editing videos, editing audio, creating subtitles or closed-captioning, digital animation, or creating sound effects. Projects that are soliciting funds, made for internal use, or considered contrary to public policy are specifically not allowed.

Alberta Project/Script Development Grant

Applicants for this fourth grant can get a total of $55,000 per project. Money is given based on stages of production, with $15,000 being awarded during predevelopment, $25,000 after the first draft, and $15,000 after the final draft. To receive this government funding, your client has to be making a news production that’s at least 30 minutes long. The project can’t cover current events, sports, or reality TV, or be a talk show.

Cultural Industry Grants

The Alberta Media Fund also awards Cultural Industry Grants, a series of three streams that intend to help cover your client’s operating or project expenses. These three grants include the Organization Operating Grant, Organization Project Grant, and the Support Organization Operating Grant. Funding across these three grants ranges from $20,000 up to the average cost of goods sold over a three-year period.

The application process for all of these grants under the Alberta Media Fund are different. This includes due dates, as some, such as the Alberta Project/Script Development Grant, are due as early as March 1, while others like the Organization Operating Grant aren’t due until June. Spend time with your clients to understand what their business does and if they’re eligible for any of this government funding.

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