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Get Your Office Moving to Boost Productivity

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Your employees are your greatest assets so it is important for you to support their well-being. However, according to the 2016 Sun Life Canadian Health Index Report, although 77% of survey participants felt their employers should offer them some kind of health benefits, only 64% of them said they actually received physical health support from their employers. One thing you can do to help your employees is to keep them active.

Make Exercise Accessible

Your small business may not have the luxury of an on-site gym, but you can designate a small area in the workplace as a workout area. You can purchase some small gym equipment, such as dumbbells and exercise balls, and allow your employees to get some exercise during their breaks. Alternatively, you can let them join a local gym and reimburse their membership fee. They can get a workout before the workday or go for a workout session at lunch. If there is a conference room in your workplace, you can offer to hire a yoga instructor to come in at lunch and turn the conference room into a yoga studio. If your business requires your employees to spend a lot of time in front of their computers, you can give them a choice to switch their traditional desks to standing desks to prevent prolonged sitting. In addition, you can encourage your employees to exercise as a group by forming a lunch jogging group, starting a softball team, or participating in a fitness challenge.

Active Employees Are More Productive

According to a research study published in 2013, people who are physically active have more mental firepower. Exercises increase blood flow to the brain and sharpen memory. People are also able to focus on their tasks better. Long periods of sitting are not only bad for your employees’ health, but they are also bad for workplace productivity. People who are physically active are less likely to get sick, and as a result, they don’t take as many sick days as those who aren’t physically fit. In addition, regular exercise gives people more energy throughout the day and allows them to work more efficiently.

Exercises Relieve Stress

When people engage in a physical workout, their body releases a chemical called an endorphin, which is the human body’s natural calming agent. The increased endorphin levels reduce their stress hormones and keep them feeling positive.

Workouts Boost Confidence

Exercise gives people control over their health and fitness. When they complete a workout, they get a sense of accomplishment. They feel motivated and confident that they can achieve other goals if they put their mind to them.

Exercise Improves Co-Worker Relationships

Exercising with co-workers offers an opportunity for team building and strengthen of relationships. People have more chances to interact with one another, which helps them understand each other better. Exercising as a group also allows people to form a kinship. They motivate and support each other toward their goals.

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