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How to Make Working Hours on Your Computer More Comfortable and Productive

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As a small business owner or freelancer, a good portion of your time is likely spent working at your computer. Comfort is important and usually leads to greater productivity. There are several new and unique products available that can make these working hours easier on your body and help boost your productivity.

The StandStand

The StandStand, because of its “less-is-more” construction, is designed with laptop users in mind. Whether using a personal computer or laptop, the general tendency for most people is to remain seated. The StandStand is a convenient and portable little tool that enables you to change locales while working, with the ability to sit or stand while completing your work. You must have access to a solid surface, such as a table or bench, to use the StandStand.The stand has three height options available, and is offered in two makes of wood, Baltic Birch and Bamboo, thus giving you the ability to find the right height and pick a look that appeals to your style. The stand has a simple assembly process, with three interlocking pieces that connect smoothly to form a solid base. Small rubber grippers on the underside of each piece keep the stand firmly in place, regardless of where you are using it. For its somewhat high price, the StandStand is made of quality, well-crafted material. The benefits of being able to spend time out of your home or normal work environment, added to the physical benefits you glean being able to change positions from sitting to standing, make buying a StandStand something to consider.

The ModTable

The ModTable offers a somewhat similar solution to the discomfort that many small business owners and freelancers face, being stuck sitting at a computer for hours on end. The ModTable is a more permanent solution to this issue. This product offers a fully-functioning desk that can be raised, with the use of an attached hand crank, to a standing height. There are numerous sit-to-stand desks on the market; however, the majority are significantly more expensive than the ModTable. The ModTable comes in pieces that must be assembled, a process that takes at least 30 minutes to complete.This product obviously differs from the StandStand in that it is nonportable, but it can also be cranked up to 48 inches in height. The ModTable comes in four sizes that range from small, at 24 inch by 40 inch, to extra large, at 29 inch by 72 inch, so virtually anyone can find a table size that works best for them. The desk can be cranked to maximum height in 20 seconds.


The Varidesk, which is available in several different models, including one specifically designed to fit the corner desk style of many office cubicles, is an accessory designed to sit atop an existing desk. It has a two-tiered design with an upper level for monitors and accessories such as speakers, and a lower level for your keyboard, mouse, and other items. The level of the Varidesk can be raised all the way to standing position height, giving you the option to vary your work position between sitting and standing.A key feature of the Varidesk is the ease of adjusting its height. The company also offers adjustable seats and monitor holders.

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