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How to Maximize the Productivity of Millennial Employees

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The millennial generation has since surpassed Generation X as the largest share of the workforce in many countries. However, when it comes to working, millennials have been deemed lazy, self-absorbed and very difficult to manage. Although this may be true for a few, this is certainly not the case for the entire generation. Millennials just need to be motivated and managed in the correct way to maximize their productivity. When millennials are productive, they can help a business work smarter and faster, thanks to their creativity and technological expertise.

Harness their Creativity

One of the biggest differences between millennials and previous generations is that they have been exposed to superior advancements in technology ever since they were born. For companies and products to be successful during this time period, they had to separate themselves from its competitors by being more creative and efficient. This trait has been passed on throughout the millennial generation and now the workforce is very in tune with how successful companies set themselves apart. Millennials understand that their work needs to be creative to be noticed by a public that is inundated by tons of information on a daily basis. Their youth also gives companies a fresh perspective on how the public views them, so getting input from millennial employees could help a company grow.

Give Them Independence

With a universe of information available at their fingertips with their smartphones, millennials can find out anything about anyone at any time. Although millennials went through the same traditional schooling as previous generations, those earlier generations did not have the same access to information. Therefore, many millennials are self-taught in many topics, which has led to their independence. For the workplace, this means that hand holding or constant supervision should not be needed. Millennials should be given goals and general directions and then be left alone to work it out themselves. Interfering with this would be viewed as slowing them down, since they are used to working at a very fast pace.

Invest in their Growth

Millennials differ from other generations in terms of loyalty. Previous generations used to stay with one company or industry for the entirety of their careers. Millennials differ in this regard because their personality warrants constant growth and progress. Like their lives, millennials want everything to be fast-paced, and this includes their career paths. Having a stale work environment with little upside opportunity will cause a millennial to seek out progress elsewhere. To combat this, employers should develop a clear path for a millennial to progress in a positive way. Helping them further their education and work skills can be another way to help them stay productive with the company. If a millennial knows that continuing on the current path will lead to more money, achievement and success, they will be less inclined to look elsewhere to fulfil their career goals.

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