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Manage Emails to Increase Your Productivity

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Entrepreneurs have many roles, from negotiator to human resource manager to chief technology officer, and each takes special attention. Since you typically can’t afford to delegate responsibility, you need all the productivity boosts you can get. Email management is one way to supercharge your productivity, giving your more time to dedicate to customers. Here are some ways to get control of your email.

First, organize your email into categories, such as Work, Personal, and Bulk. Your Work category is for messages you need to respond to while working. Make it a habit to empty your Work inbox every day. Your Personal category is for friends and family, while Bulk is for subscriptions, notifications, and other stuff you can focus on later.

Unsubscribe from email lists you don’t need. If you can’t remember why you subscribed to an email list, you probably don’t need it. Fear of missing out, or FoMO, can make this hard, but it’s essential for productivity gurus. Finally, use a scheduler instead of email to create meetings. This can eliminate back-and-forth emails related to calendar events.

The hardest part of managing emails is getting started. Fortunately, there are apps to help. Spark is an app that prioritizes emails based on categories such as newsletters and notifications. SaneBox is similar, but it also offers features such as reminders and automatic attachments. These apps turn your email into a tool of productivity rather than a productivity sapper. Before you know it, you can have those emails under your control.

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