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Save Time and Stay Organised With a Receipt Scanner

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Save receipts on your computer to avoid the wasted time and effort involved in searching for receipts and invoices. Avoid the frustration resulting from lost or damaged paper receipts by storing them in digital form. Mobile apps allow you to convert paper receipts to digital format with a smartphone camera while you are away from the office.

Organise Your Receipts With Ease

The digital age allows small businesses to keep their receipts organised on a computer or a cloud-based platform. This easy access simplifies receipt organisation and filing. It is no longer necessary to store paper receipts in folders with the use of attachment systems that can obliterate important information. Paper receipts contribute to office clutter. Storing receipts in digital form helps you avoid the manual entry of information from paper receipts, which often requires duplicate entries to different files or software programs. You can save digital receipts to multiple files and send copies to team members or clients via email. Tax time becomes less painful when you avoid the exercise of sorting through and organising paper receipts.

Receipt Software to the Rescue

With business computing, you can utilize receipt scanners and receipt software to save receipt information in a variety of easily accessible formats. Receipt scanners often allow you to set the resolution to a higher number of dots per inch. More dots per inch can capture fine print and handwritten details that some scanners might miss. This lets you scan the business cards of your client contacts and vendors. Adjustable contrast control takes advantage of the enhanced resolution capability so you can save information from faded receipts as well as those printed on inappropriate paper. Because some receipts might use different colors to specify particular information, it is advantageous to have a receipt scanner with color processing capability. With a quality receipt scanner, users can select among several file formats for saving a digital copy. For example, a receipt can be saved as a photographic image using the JPEG format or as an Adobe PDF file. Some receipt scanners integrate directly with accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks Online.

Scan Receipts With Your Smartphone

Your team members no longer need to worry about lost or damaged receipts while they are travelling because they can photograph paper receipts with a smartphone. Software apps can capture handwritten notations on receipts, such as the details relating to a particular expense. Using QuickBooks Online Mobile Accounting Software allows you to sync to the Receipt Bank app, which extracts data from invoices and receipts. You can then send that information to your QuickBooks accounting platform. This saves you the trouble of making separate entries pertaining to specific itemized charges appearing on each receipt. The Xpenditure app lets you extract relevant expense account data from receipts and export that information to your QuickBooks Online platform.

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