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Staying Healthy as a Busy Entrepreneur

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Many entrepreneurs have one very bad habit: working too hard and neglecting their health. Entrepreneurs, excited about the challenge of starting a new business venture, have a tendency to spend too many hours sitting at a desk and too few hours sleeping or getting recreation, and often just gulp down junk food because it is quick and easy and doesn’t take them away from work for an extended period of time. If you simply make the decision to be a bit more health conscious, there are plenty of small steps you can take to create a more healthy lifestyle.

Find Time for Exercise

There are two simple facts of life: regular exercise is critical to staying in optimum health and very few working adults get enough exercise. It is particularly easy for a busy entrepreneur to get “chained” to a desk, working, and failing to make or take the time for exercise. However, all it takes is a little bit of commitment and ingenuity to work some regular exercise into your day. Maybe you really don’t have enough time to go to a gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take just a minute here and there throughout your day to step away from your desk and do a few simple exercises. If you have to spend time reading reports, there is no reason you can’t do it while sitting on an exercise bike for five or 10 minutes.

Make a Conscious Choice to Eat Healthier

Eating healthy food provides superior fuel for both your body and mind. This should be important to entrepreneurs who want to be functioning at the top of their game, both mentally and physically. It is easy to make a few adjustments to your eating habits that substantially improve your health. For example, keep healthy snacks, such as fruit, at your desk rather than going to grab a candy bar out of the nearest vending machine. Try to avoid falling into a diet that consists largely of junk food. Even if you have to eat on the run a lot, you can still make some healthier food choices. Try scheduling at least one or two nights a week where you have a healthy, well-balanced, not-filled-with-preservatives dinner in the evening.

Find Healthier Ways to Spend Time Away From Work

Some entrepreneurs work until they’re about to collapse, and when they finally do take a break, don’t do much more than sit in front of the television. Don’t fall into that trap. First, work some more scheduled breaks into your workday so you don’t get worn out. You may not be an employee working at a company, with a set 15-minute break period in the morning and afternoon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule some breaks for yourself. When you get done with work for the day, don’t just slump in the TV chair. Instead, find a reason to get outside and get some fresh air, spend time touching base with friends or family, read a book, take a class, or practice meditation.

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