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Streamline Your Products With Fewer Features

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When it comes to products, sweet and simple is often better than complex and confusing. To hit this note, you want to avoid feature creep. Feature creep is the addition of numerous unwieldy unplanned features during the design process. Excess features can drive up costs, lengthen the development or manufacturing period, and even cause the project to fail. To avoid feature creep, consider creating a requirements document when developing products for clients. The document outlines expected features and helps keep the project on track. Be upfront with clients about how many changes you are willing to make during development. If developing products for the marketplace, consider splitting your development and production channels so you can restrict changes to the development stage. To prevent adding too many features during development, streamline your product by focusing on a few features and perfecting them. If you want to add or modify a feature, analyze how it affects the product overall as well as your bottom line. Audiences love products with fewer features, but as a product seller, you want to knock those features out of the park. Start with a plan, control who has access to make changes, and consider every update carefully before moving forward. That helps streamline both your product and your production processes.

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