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Why Team Building Activities Are More Than Fun and Games

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The success and profitability of every company is directly related to how well employees work together, and how happy and fulfilled each employee feels in their position. Enter team building activities! The possibilities are endless, but as a small business owner, the funding for more outlandish activities like weekend trips probably isn’t in the budget. The ultimate goal of team building activities is to provide employees with the opportunity to learn how to depend on one another and function cohesively during business hours. There are plenty of simple, cost-effective team building activities you can consider for your small business.

Importance of Team Building Activities

More often than not, team building activities have a reputation for, at best, missing the mark. However, the time and money you devote to such activities can actually be vital to employee health, communication, collaboration, company culture, and raising the bottom line. Effective team building efforts are arguably one of the most important investments you can make in your company. To get employees on board, it helps to be creative and show a little ingenuity.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Working hard to make the company a success is important. Your employees already know this, so avoid the mistake of focusing your team building efforts around increased production. Activities — especially in-house activities — like lectures or seminars that repetitively present the importance of the bottom line don’t typically work well in bringing your employees together. It may appear counter-intuitive, but getting your employees minds off of business is often the best way to help them relax and boost the enjoyment factor of the team building activity. Consider doing something away from the company entirely. One idea for a team building activity is taking your employees to a concert of an artist who is popular with your staff. The idea is to create a situation that encourages natural, genuine interactions in a setting that doesn’t present any work-related pressures.

Keeping Things Low-Cost

As a small business owner, a strong and happy team of employees is one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever have. And, you don’t have to break the bank to accomplish this. Regardless of your business, there are plenty of resources within your offices or store to create a variety of activities for employees to take part in. For example, set up a scavenger hunt that takes employees in and around your store. This activity encourages employees to work together to meet a common goal. Another good option is a possibilities game. Each employee selects an object and mimes a use for it while their team tries to guess what the use is. This type of activity presents a challenge to each individual employee and encourages them to think creatively, and is also a challenge for their teammates, encouraging them to pay attention to visual clues, think outside of the box, and work together to solve a problem. These types of activities are also almost guaranteed to result in some memorable moments, shared laughter, and ultimately a stronger sense of comraderie among your employees.

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