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4 Strategies for Setting Up Passive Income

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Earning money consistently without needing to work adds freedom to your life. It isn’t easy to start earning passive income; as it typically requires a significant upfront commitment of your time, your money, or both. Even though it’s called passive income, you may need to put in work here and there to maintain that income source. When you’re ready to start building one or more sources of passive income, there are several popular strategies you can try.

Ads and Affiliate Links

If you think you can develop a popular site, you can earn money through ad revenue or affiliate marketing. Advertisers usually pay per click, so you earn a small amount every time someone clicks on one of your site’s ads. With affiliate marketing, you earn money every time someone clicks through one of your affiliate links and makes a sale on the company’s site. You can choose just one of these tactics or combine them both. Earning passive income through these methods requires a large number of readers. With ads, you make a small amount per click, and most readers don’t click on ads. You can make more through affiliate marketing, but you run into a similar problem – most readers don’t click on affiliate links, and those that do may not make a purchase. To build a large reader base, your site must provide valuable information and have a responsive design. People aren’t going to stay on your site long or come back if it has a clunky interface full of ads and affiliate links. It’s best to build a site for a subject you’re passionate about, and then choose ads and products that fit that subject.

Product Sales

Managing a successful e-commerce site is no easy task. You need to find out what you’re going to sell, how to market your products, and what’s going to make you different from the thousands of other online shops out there. If you find the right niche and have consistent sales, you can make money every month just by running your site and fulfilling orders. You can also automate the order fulfillment process to reduce your workload. The key to being successful with e-commerce is finding something that sets your site apart. People need a reason to buy products at your site instead of the competition. Maybe you offer a product that’s hard to find anywhere else on line, or maybe you find a new way to sell a popular item. Informational products, such as courses and e-books, have become particularly popular. If you’re an expert in a specific field, you may be able to turn your knowledge into passive income by creating an online course or writing a book. If you’re going to sell informational products, your site should also provide plenty of free information to convince people that they’d benefit from buying your product.

Real Estate Rentals

The classic method of buying a house or apartment and then renting it out still works well for creating passive income, as long as you can find suitable tenants. Once you have the right people in your place, all you need to do is handle any necessary repairs. The two biggest challenges of renting out real estate are finding tenants and repairs for any serious issues, whether something breaks down or a tenant causes significant damage when they leave. It’s better if you have multiple properties that you rent out to bring in multiple income streams. This results in more profit every month, so you’re better prepared to handle anything that goes wrong. As you build up your number of properties, you can increase your passive income without much of an increase to your workload.


If you want to make big returns investing in the stock market, it’s going to take quite a bit of research and sound decisions. If you’re satisfied with a smaller return, you could put your money in an index fund, which is a low-risk option that could earn you about 5% per year or more. You could also choose higher-risk investments for a potentially greater payoff. Another type of investment that’s gaining popularity is peer-to-peer lending, which is when groups of investors fund loan requests. While this has been around in the United States since 2005, Lending Loop brought it to Canada in 2015. Like any other investment, you can choose how much risk you want to take on. Borrowers with lower credit scores pay higher interest rates, and that interest goes to the lenders. However, when borrowers default, you lose any money you loaned to them. Choosing the right strategy for creating passive income depends on your expertise and the resources you currently have available. If you have money saved up, you can start one or more passive income streams quickly through real estate or investing. It takes more time to develop a product or build a site that’s profitable from ads or affiliate links, but you don’t need to spend as much money with those methods.

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