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Components of a Digital Press Kit

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Your business needs publicity to attract clients or customers. Having a digital press kit prepared and ready to go lets you get details about your company into the hands of the right people to spread the word about your business, such as social media influencers, public relations agents, and members of the media. The types of information needed for a digital press kit vary among industries, but there are a few basic pieces you should include.

Company Bio

People want to know details about your company such as how long you’ve been in business, your company’s mission, and its future plans. You can use your website’s “About Us” page as a starting point, but you may need to pull together slightly different details from your complete mission statement and business plan so that your bio provides a clear picture about the business that others can understand. Consider using well-written sentences in paragraph form, but feel free to incorporate numbered or bullet-point lists to highlight important details about your company’s journey.

Key Personnel Bios

Personnel bios serve the same purpose as meet-and-greet events; they help people get to know the faces behind your operation. Consider including casual or formal head shots of key personnel, depending on your industry. Bios should list each person’s experience, awards, and achievements. If any of your key staffers have been featured in the media, be sure to include details about it, especially if that information sells the person’s expertise. Use the actual quote and name the media outlet; personnel getting media mentions bolsters your business’s credibility as an authority in your niche.

Fact Sheets About Products and Services

You want members of the public to have detailed information about your products and services, and fact sheets provide an effective way to do just that. Fact sheets should be educational, with product details and images of your products or other graphics to engage people who view the information. Each product and service should have its own fact sheet, and you might wish to include quotes from customer testimonials if available.

Press Releases

It’s a good idea to include a selection of press releases in your digital media kit. This lets recipients know what your company has been up to lately. Refresh your press kit by updating the selection of press releases you include.

Digital Press Kit Format

Everyone’s computer has different capabilities, so consider preparing your digital press kit in different formats. For example, you might create and save your press kit as a PDF, a slideshow, and even as a basic Word document. If your press kit contains large files, you might offer to send it to recipients through services such as Dropbox or Google Drive for efficient delivery. A digital press kit is a powerful way to generate leads and sales. The sooner you create your press kit, the sooner you can start spreading the word about your business.

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