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Why QuickBooks is giving credit to the people in the credits

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At the end of each film, the names of the film’s cast and crew will scroll down the theatre’s screen. While the credits usually spotlight the film’s actors; unfortunately, production professionals often don’t get the credit they deserve.

“We give a lot of accolades to the stars, but when the credits start to roll, we often get up and leave and forget about the people who play a significant role behind the scenes,” says Martin Fecko, Country Manager of Intuit Canada. 

At QuickBooks, we believe in giving credit where credits due. That’s why this film festival season, we decided to shine a spotlight on a different kind of movie star: film production professionals.

For our unique multichannel campaign, we highlighted the stories of three QuickBook customers from the film industry: Composer Mike Monson, producer Michelle Carter, and editor Alex Coleman.

The campaign, created by Bolt Content is based on a global QuickBooks campaign by the agency TBWA Worldwide that launched at the 2019 Academy Awards. Fecko says TIFF presented an excellent opportunity to piggyback off of the global QuickBooks campaign with a Canadian twist.

The campaign featured long-form interviews with QuickBooks customers in the film industry, a credit roll commercial, and a partnership with IMDb. Fecko says the campaign’s primary goal was to drive awareness of how QuickBooks can streamline bookkeeping for entrepreneurs within the film vertical and beyond. In Canada, almost half of the entertainment industry works for themselves. From composer to directors, to editors, many film professionals are self-employed. 

“We interviewed entertainment workers who use QuickBooks to facilitate running their business, and for that reason, the campaign was credible,” says Fecko. “What we heard from all three production professionals is that they get excited about their craft, not chasing invoices. That’s why QuickBooks has been a great asset to them.”

So far, we’ve achieved great success both with the digital campaign, and our IMDb studio partnership. The IMDb studio event presented by QuickBooks featured high-profile interviews with the stars from the festival’s top films including the cast of Jojo Rabbit, the winner of the 2019 Grolsch People’s Choice Award. 

We back entrepreneurs who dare to dream

From Newfoundland to Nunavut, at QuickBooks, we strive to power Canadians who work for themselves. Canadians like composer Mike Monson, film producer Michelle Carter, and countless others across the country. By supporting the film industry, we are solidifying our message: we back entrepreneurs. “We back those small business owners and freelancers who dare to dream,” says Fecko. “We help them with their business, so they can spend more time doing what they love to do.”

Check out the rest of the campaign stories on our blog.


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