QuickBooks ProAdvisor Marketing Fund


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What it’s all about


Sitting on a stellar marketing idea? Need some help accelerating growth? We’re here to help. The QuickBooks ProAdvisor Marketing Fund is here to help kickstart your firm’s growth. Bookkeepers and accountants who use QuickBooks Online are welcome to apply.


In this program we’ll fund 50% of your marketing spend up to $3,000 (including any non-recoverable GST/HST). We’ll also connect you with an Intuit marketing expert to help out with your marketing plan.




The program is offered as a benefit of the ProAdvisor Program to all firms in the Gold, Platinum and Elite tiers.


What’s covered in the program?


We’ll fund a wide range of marketing activities from social media ads to TV and radio advertising to print signage. Take a closer look at what’s covered in the program guide.


Questions? Reach out to us!


Ready to get started?


Make sure you read and review the Program Guide, Terms and Conditions and Quickbooks Brand Guidelines before you fill out your application form.


  1. Submit your application and 90-day marketing plan.
  2. We’ll review and notify you if you are accepted within 5 business days.
  3. Meet with our coaches to finalize your marketing plan. We’ve provided a helpful template and articles on how to build a marketing plan in the program guide if you need some guidance.
  4. Once your plan has been reviewed, you’ll have 90 days to complete your marketing plan. We will review your marketing activities and creative together before they launch to ensure they adhere to program guidelines for reimbursement.
  5. Submit an invoice, your receipts and copies of your marketing activities to receive reimbursement. Submit your invoices no later than June 30, 2021. Upon receipt and review of your submission, reimbursement will be sent by cheque within 45 days of your submission.


*Legal details

    1. Program applications will be accepted from March 22, 2021 to May 15, 2021. Intuit will review and notify you if you are accepted within 5 business days.
    2. Firms must be at the Gold level or higher and Certified in the ProAdvisor Program as of February 1, 2021.
    3. Intuit will fund 50% of your marketing spend up to $3,000 (including any non-recoverable GST/HST). Marketing activities must be completed within 90 days of approval.
    4. Availability is limited to the first 20 approved firms.
    5. Intuit will meet with program participants to review marketing activities before launch to ensure they adhere to program guidelines for reimbursement.
    6. Intuit has the right to refuse funding if the activities do not comply with the program guide, terms and conditions and branding guidelines.
    7. Activities must comply with local laws and guidelines and not infringe on any copyrights.
    8. Invoices, receipts and copies of your completed marketing activities must be submitted for payment by June 30, 2021.

      Your invoice to Intuit should be issued to Intuit Canada ULC which has the following GST number: 139217491 RT0001 and is located in Ontario. Unless otherwise expressly stated in this document, any consideration, amount payable, prices, fees, payment terms, award amount and/or any other amounts mentioned in this document Agreement (or its Exhibits) are exclusive of GST/HST. Intuit is not obliged under this Agreement to pay the amount of any GST/HST until you provide a valid, compliant invoice for the taxable supply. If applicable, the GST/HST must be specified on all invoices as a separate item. All items that are zero-rated, exempt or to which the GST/HST does not apply, must be identified as such on all invoices if required by applicable laws and/or regulations. For the avoidance of doubt, Intuit shall have no obligation to pay any taxes based on the capital or net income incurred by you. Where Intuit has agreed to reimburse you for any costs or expenses, Intuit shall also reimburse you for any GST/HST incurred by you in respect of the relevant costs or expenses to the extent that you are not entitled to credit or repayment from the relevant tax authority in respect of the GST/HST.

      “GST/HST” means the goods and services tax or the harmonized sales tax administered pursuant to the Excise Tax Act (Canada) R.S.C. 1985. C. E-15, as amended and the regulations thereunder and/or under any successor or parallel federal or provincial legislation that imposes a tax on the recipient of goods and services, including but not limited to provincial and/or state sales taxes, the Quebec sales tax, use taxes and/or any other similar taxes, duties, levies and/or charges of any nature that may be imposed or required to be collected by any federal, provincial territorial or local governmental entity or regulatory authority in connection with the services or goods contemplated hereunder.

    9. Intuit will send payment by cheque within 45 days of receipt and review of the invoice, receipts and copy of your completed marketing activities.
    10. Activities must promote QuickBooks Online.
    11. Program can be terminated at any time at Intuit’s sole discretion.
    12. Program available in Canada only.
    13. Program Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.