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How To Increase Sales Consistency

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Your sales figures may be fine now, but what about tomorrow? Next month? Next year? If you want your business to stick around long term, you need to plant seeds now that grow in the future. Seeking out and maintaining consistent sales is the key to continuing growth, ensuring that your bottom line doesn’t suffer when business is slow.

One helpful sales strategy is developing a daily process for generating leads. While it’s certainly important that you focus on your current sales, it’s equally crucial that you also dedicate some time to hunting new prospects. For example, you could spend an hour every day calling potential buyers and setting meetings. If you prefer not to be limited to a specific time frame, you could set daily goals.

A great way to plan how much time you need to dedicate to sales is to do some math at the beginning of each month to determine how many leads you need to have in the pipeline to ensure profitability for the upcoming month. That way, you can adjust your plan in real-time as you go. For example, if you see that you’re not on track to hit your targets halfway through the month, you can ramp up your sales for the remaining two weeks.

Offering your existing customers and clients rewards and incentives for referrals is another fantastic way to boost your customer base. One option is to give referrers a percentage of each sale, or you could pay a set fee for each referral. You could also offer discounts or freebies on your company’s products or services.

Never underestimate the power of a face-to-face meeting. While cold calling can be effective, visiting someone in person can really help when it comes to closing the deal. Of course, you don’t want your whole sales staff out of the office all day, but setting aside time for lunches, meetings, and other outings can help to increase sales, especially if your company is heavily customer service-oriented.

Finally, a warm smile and a solid pitch go a long way in keeping your numbers up, so don’t forget to work on your approach. Sometimes, simple improvements go a long way. Rehearse your presentation, put on your best outfit, and get out there and charm some prospects.

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