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What to Know About Cold Calling Customers

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Cold calling customers can be an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be as chilling as you think. Keep these pointers in mind to warm the hearts of those you call and land the clientele you’re aiming for.

Establish Friendly Terms

Use a friendly tone and say the customer’s name when opening the conversation – “Hi, Jim!” Beginning the conversation this way intones that you are already their friend , which lowers initial defenses. It may take a bit of research to learn the person’s name before calling. Check out the company website, and familiarize yourself with their focus and work mission. Presenting your product in the most relevant context will make it clear that you can help their business succeed. Target customers who especially benefit from your product. Doing this will reduce the time you spend on the phone with people inclined to say no. Call on Fridays, when many workers are beginning to relax in anticipation for the weekend. Happy people say yes. Utilize their good mood to your advantage and avoid calling during peak busy hours. Keep the nature of the business you contact in mind, and distribute the timing of your attention accordingly. No matter how personable and charming you are, some of the people you’ll talk to will eventually say no. Keep your spirits up by seeing these responses as an opportunity to hone your craft. Many successful entrepreneurs have found ways to turn a “no” into a “yes.”.

Confidence Is Key

Be confident in your product. This confidence and sense of assurance will carry over to the customer. Convey that you are offering them something of high value, and they’ll instinctively know it is worth their time to listen. If you aren’t completely convinced that you’ve got an amazing product to sell, no one else will believe you either. It helps to assume that your potential clients already want your services. When you speak from a position of knowing that they’re interested, you can switch roles with your potential customer. In that light, you’re the one they want, not the other way around. Feel free to take your time with each customer you speak with. Go the extra mile to make each person feel valuable. They are the benefactors of a product you spend your career building, but you should also establish balance in the interaction by maintaining the underlying knowledge that there is always the next pitch. If a potential customer feels that you have other clients, they’re more inclined to see you as an important person to listen to. Cold calling offers a unique marketing position. You can reach out to whomever you want and pitch them in your own voice, in your own way. Remember that the person who makes or breaks your sale is you. Be yourself and know your craft – your potential customers will be glad you called.

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