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Want to Use Livestreaming to Broadcast Events, Sell Products, or Take Donations? vVent Does It All

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Livestreaming is becoming increasingly popular. Businesses and nonprofits are using Facebook Live to

engage their shoppers and donors, and individuals are livestreaming everything from shopping trips to funerals. If you’re looking for unique ways to integrate livestreaming into your organization, you may want to learn more about vVents. This innovative platform lets you combine livestreaming with shopping, donations, surveys, and more, and the process is simple.

What Is vVents?

Launched in 2016, vVents is a company with three distinct livestreaming platforms:

  • Vampaign for political campaigns and events
  • Alantu for ecommerce and direct sales events as well as for concerts
  • Ophila for church and nonprofit events

In all cases, these platforms offer you an abundance of features that aren’t available if you’re just livestreaming from YouTube or Facebook, and the options are all designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive, regardless of your level of tech experience.

The company run by a small team of global professionals who want to change communication between organizations and their customers, clients, and donors.

Using vVents for Ecommerce

If you decide to livestream an event for your retail shop, you have a lot of different options through vVents’ Alantu platform. You can customize the event to meet your objectives, but, to give you an idea of the possibilities, here’s an example of the type of event you can host on this platform.

Imagine you run a shop that sells kitchen items. To get people excited about your wares, you decide to do a livestream of a cooking demo. When you set up the event, you opt for interactive chat, and that allows people to post questions and comments as they watch your livestream. This is ideal because it gets your prospective clients involved in real time. It also gives you directions on what to cover. If your viewers have a question about a certain ingredient or cooking technique, they can simply ask. That’s not possible if you don’t do the broadcast live.

Beyond that, you can also use this platform to encourage sales. For instance, as you grind fresh pepper for your recipe, you can tell your viewers why this particular grinder is so effective. Then, they can buy that grinder with just a couple of clicks. That is a great way to capitalize on the excitement of the moment.

You can also use this opportunity to collect details about your viewers. To do that, you just instruct the platform to ask your clients for their email or phone number so you can use that information for future marketing efforts.

Of course, this platform isn’t just for people who run ecommerce sites or traditional brick-and-mortar stores. If you do direct sales for companies such as Avon, doTerra, Discovery Toys, or others from home, you may also want to test out this platform. It’s completely scaleable for your needs, and you can broadcast to one person, a million people, or more.

Customer Referrals

In addition to fielding questions and selling merchandise, you can also use Alantu to encourage customer referrals. If you like, you can ask your viewers to invite other shoppers to your live event. Then, you can set up the system so people receive shopping credits for every person they bring in. That is a relatively easy way to implement a referral rewards program, without having to use any additional technology.

Livestreaming for Churches and Nonprofits

Churches and nonprofits can also livestream events using vVents, and thanks to the Ophila platform, you get access to tools that are designed with your unique challenges in mind. Like the platform for live events and retailers, you can also sell items during your livestream and collect contact information from your viewers, but more importantly, you can solicit donations.

In fact, as people are watching your livestream, they see a "donate" button right on the bottom of their screen, and they just have to click to contribute. Remember, when the donation process is as easy as possible, people are often more likely to donate.

You can also get to know your viewers better by doing a survey during the event. That information can help you decide what to focus on during your next livestream.

How Does vVents Work?

Basically, on your end, you turn on up to four high-def cameras, which you connect to your computer. Once those are in place, the app lets you change cameras and shift angles to your heart’s content. So far, this is exactly how other livestreaming services work, but vVents goes a step further.

Vvents has built-in tools that enable viewer chat, sell products, take surveys, collect contact information, and more. As you use the platform, you simply decide which of these elements you want to use and which you don’t.

Finally, you can customize the experience with your organization’s name logo and other details. The app even has a feature that lets you invite viewers once you’ve set everything up.

To make the most of this experience, let viewers know about the livestream as early as possible, and so they don’t forget to tune in, send out reminders in the days or weeks leading up to the event. Also, make sure to plug the event on your social media pages or in your print marketing materials. If possible, you may want to record yourself a few times before going live to make sure everything looks right. Then, when the big day comes, just hit broadcast and let vVents do the rest of the work.

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