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How to Create a Privacy Management Program for Your Small Business

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As a small business owner, you likely have a host of customer data such as credit card numbers, chequing account information, addresses, and other details. To ensure this information is safe, you may want to create a privacy management program.

  1. Review your legal obligations especially concerning security of credit card transactions
  2. Do not process credit cards over the WiFi network you let customers use
  3. Install security software such as antivirus software and firewalls on your computers
  4. Instruct employees not to access confidential work information on public WiFi networks
  5. Use tools that allow you to wipe business information off stolen or lost mobile devices
  6. Safeguard business apps and programs with multi-factor authentication for log-in
  7. Audit systems for unauthorized entry
  8. Craft an emergency response plan to implement in case of a data breach
  9. Determine how you will notify clients in case of breach

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