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Developing Your Online Voice

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Imagine if novels were written by multiple authors. If Judy Blume paired with George R. R. Martin to swap chapters under a common theme, the end result would have little flow and drastic changes in prose. When a single author writes a piece, their signature voice and composition is evident from start to finish. Your online voice should be crafted in a similar fashion. Being consistent and true to your brand and style, no matter what medium you use to communicate, will let your individual personality shine through and set you apart from the competition.

Telling your story

Developing an online brand is a lot like storytelling, and the story is told through your business idea or product. Start from the beginning, document everything, and be inspired by your own unique biography. Your story and personality will help clarify what your online voice should sound like and how your voice’s style, audience and strategy will grow.


Developing an online voice can take time and effort, as you aim to relay your brand’s attitude, culture, and values. Your online voice can take on any form – from humorous, to educational to professional to youthful – it just has to be consistent. If you are using a team to create content for blogs, tweets or social media posts, try to maintain a small group of writers and edit mindfully with voice guidelines clearly identified.

It’s important to create a brand guide, which ensures your team is on the same page when creating and designing visuals and layouts. With emphasis on the proper usage of colours, logo standards, space, size, and other design principles, you’re allowing your brand to be recognizable due to persistency and homogeneity. Soon, your brand and online voice will be distinguished across a network of platforms.


Who is your brand targeting? Who is visiting your social media platforms and website? By researching consumer habits and demographics, you will better understand your target audience, which will let you better customize your online voice.


The importance of developing an online voice can be measured through an increase in online discussion, improved search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, and expanded recognition of your business or brand. To ensure your online presence is consistent and up to date, build a social media plan, including a schedule and guidelines for posts and content. The worst thing a business can do is utilize all popular social media platforms, but post infrequently with poor content quality. For instance, if your business sells a product with characteristics of being visual, creative, and photogenic, investing time into Instagram would be beneficial to growing your brand. On the other hand, if your product lacks photogenic qualities and is more content-based, a better place to post would be on your website’s blog, or Twitter, Facebook, etc. Having an inactive social media account with three posts from 14 months ago looks disorganized, unreliable, and alludes to a failing product.

Going back to the novel example, you will often see patterns of symmetry in an author’s writing. You should strive to replicate that kind of authenticity in your online voice. Remember to write and respond in a personable way,,be consistent and credible in your writing, and be compelling and unique.
Your online voice has the potential to attract attention like an eye-catching book cover in the world’s largest library. Ensuring it is a distinctive, credible and genuine voice is what will capture your audience’s interest and keep them reading.

Information may be abridged and therefore incomplete. This document/information does not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal or financial advice. Each financial situation is different, the advice provided is intended to be general. Please contact your financial or legal advisors for information specific to your situation.

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