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How to Find Clients for Your Video Production Business

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Video is hot – from marketing clips to blog content, more companies are turning to this highly visual medium to get their message across. The trend is unlikely to slow, according to Cisco, which expects videos to make up 82% of Internet traffic by the year 2020. As a video production professional, you can capitalize on the growing interest to build your business. The right marketing strategy can help you reel in both individual and commercial clients.

Identify Your Ideal Client

Although it’s possible to market your video production services to a general audience, it helps to have an ideal client in mind. Look to your expertise and experience for ideas. Ten years of engineering experience makes it easier to create technical training videos, while a stint as a lead guitarist can be useful in making promo videos for bands. Alternatively, you might specialize in marketing, corporate recruiting, or how-to videos.

Create Samples

As a video production professional, your qualifications take second place to your portfolio. If you can show a killer collection of clips, potential clients are unlikely to care about your degree or past employers. The first step in finding clients is gathering or creating videos that appeal to your target audience. If you’re an established production artist, simply choose your best work. If you’re just starting out, break out your camera and editing software and create three to five short clips.

Build a Portfolio

Once you’ve chosen your best clips, create an account on YouTube or Vimeo, and use your business name as the username. A free account is fine to start. Later, you can embed the videos in your business website or upgrade to Vimeo’s Pro or Business accounts to create a customizable portfolio site. Upload all of your selected clips, and add titles that make your videos easier for clients to find. A title such as “Clip1.mov” says nothing; “Sample Customer Testimonial Video” or “Architecture Agency Marketing Video” are more likely to appear in searches. Selecting relevant tags and topics can also help boost the visibility of each clip.

Start a Local Cold-Emailing Campaign

Video production work often requires you to be onsite, so local projects can minimize your travel time. To narrow your prospects, find businesses that fit your ideal client profile. If a company’s website and social media pages have little to no video content, they may be in the market for your services. For each potential client, find the email address for the marketing director or social media manager. If you’re targeting small businesses without dedicated marketing staff, use the owner’s email or find the general company email address. Write a brief cold email that stresses the importance of video content and introduces your production business – emphasize that you’re based locally to create familiarity. Finally, embed one of your clips followed by a personalized call to action, such as, “Contact me to discuss how video can improve your social media click-through rate.” This short message can spark a sense of need and make it easy for the person to take action immediately.


Branching out into video can feel daunting for businesses, but face-to-face conversations can help take away the mystery and intimidation. Publicize your business in person by attending local networking events. Start with events hosted by chambers of commerce, small business associations, young professionals groups, and industry organizations. Each time you meet a new person, deliver a fast, no-pressure elevator pitch along the lines of, “I produce short how-to videos to help bloggers increase web traffic.” Answer follow-up questions, hand out a business card, and connect later on social media. This strategy is not designed for instant results – instead, it plants a seed. When the issue of video arises, your new contacts might think, “I just met a video production artist, and I happen to have a business card and a new LinkedIn connection for easy follow-up.”With a great portfolio and a targeted marketing strategy, you can increase visibility for your video production business and bring in new clients.

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