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How to Get Gigs on Fiverr

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If you own an online service-based business, Fiverr is a website that you might be familiar with. But what you may not know is that you can actually make more than $5 per gig using the site. The key to succeeding on Fiverr is knowing what type of gigs to offer, how to upsell, and how to get your gigs in front of potential clients. By moving up to Fiverr Pro status and leveraging your social media platforms, you start to make the money that your skills deserve.

Consider the Type of Gig You Want to Offer

You don’t want to offer a gig that’s going to take you hours to complete for only $5, but you should offer something related to the work you do. For example, if you’re a freelance writer, you could offer a gig for five to 10 blog post headlines or topics. Then, you could add upsell offers to the gig, such as a one-day turn around for an extra $10 or writing one blog post for $25. Regardless of the type of work you do, the initial offer is only $5, so it should be something you can complete quickly.

Give More Than You Offer — in the Beginning

When you first start selling gigs on Fiverr, you should give the client more than they are expecting. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant. For example, if you’re creating a simple logo for a client, create two or three simple ones so they have a choice. Putting in that little bit of extra work should help you earn a five-star review — and once you have a lot of five-star reviews, the orders will come more frequently.

Include Examples of Your Work on Your Profile

It’s important to include examples of your work on each Fiverr gig. This way people can see the quality of the work you do. Choose some of your best work, and display it on your profile as well as each gig. If you’re using Fiverr to test the waters for a new service, create a few samples or mock-ups specifically for the target market you’re trying to reach.

Apply for Fiverr Pro Status

Fiverr Pro is an exclusive community of professional service-based business owners. You have to submit an application for review that includes samples of your work. This allows the Fiverr team to determine the quality of your work. Once you become a seller on Fiverr Pro, you are able to charge your normal rates. This gives you a chance to work with more high-end clients who know that value of the work you provide.

Tell People About Your Fiverr Services

People don’t really like being the first one to hire someone for a service — even if the service only costs $5. So if you have friends, coworkers, or past clients who could use the services you’re offering on Fiverr, tell them about it. People who have worked with you in the past are more likely to spend money with you again, and chances are, they’ll appreciate the chance to purchase your services at a discounted rate in exchange for leaving you a few amazing reviews.

Link Your Fiverr Account to Your Social Media Platforms

To make money on Fiverr, people need to see the gigs you post. Fiverr’s algorithm shows popular gigs first. So when buyer search for something, they see gigs that sell well or get a lot views. That’s why you should link your Fiverr gigs to your social media profiles and share them frequently.

For most online service-providers, Fiverr isn’t a long-term plan, but it’s a great platform to use when you’re starting a new online business or testing new products. And if you apply for and are accepted to Fiverr Pro, you might be surprised at just how many long-term clients you can land.

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