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10 Secrets for Taking Great Photos on Your Small Business Instagram

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Instagram has quickly become one of the world’s leading social media apps, especially with audiences under 35. What makes it unique and fun is the app focuses solely on photographs and short videos. With the click of a button, these photos and videos can be easily shared and found. Learn a handful of tips and tricks for taking great Instagram photos on your small business’ account from some of the site’s popular users and stars.

Five General Tips That Anyone Can Use

Though there are a wide variety of simple “one-liner” tips that you can incorporate into your Instagram photography practices, here is a list of five that some top Instagram stars swear by:

  1. Use your eyes before you use the lens. Take a moment to frame the picture in your head before you even touch your camera. This opens up a new way of looking at the shot.

  2. Turn on the camera’s grid feature. This helps you align shots perfectly and adds professionalism to your picture.

  3. White space gives your feed room to breathe. Don’t be tempted to jam as much as you can into every single photo. White space can actually help draw attention to the main object in the photo, which might be your product.

  4. Aim for quality over quantity. Curate your feed and delete the bad images.

  5. Practice, practice, practice. You only get better by doing it more.

Five Tips From a Star Instagram User in Vancouver

Joann Pai is a Vancouver-based and Paris-based star of Instagram. Pai is a food and travel photographer who has amassed over 140,000 followers on the social media platform. Her page can be found @sliceofpai. A quick visit to her Instagram page reveals she is a skilled photographer and knows what she is doing. Here are some of Pai’s tips for taking great photos for Instagram:

  1. Choose the right gear. Make sure the gear you pick is right for you and does what you need it to do. Pai initially wanted a compact camera with an interchangeable lens for traveling. She uses the Fuji Xe2 for this purpose and also roams around town with an iPhone 6s. A good lesson is that neither of these options is too expensive. You don’t need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for a top-of-the-line camera. A basic camera works just fine.

  2. Use natural light. When inside a building, Pai likes to take pictures near windows. The iPhone 6s is very capable when there is ample light. Avoid the artificial lighting inside buildings and take top-down shots since they minimize light distortion.

  3. Play around with the variables. Don’t take photos that are too close. Test different distances. Try different props in the shot, and always take shots from different angles. Trying out different combinations of distance, angle, and props leads to a sweet spot.

  4. Edit your images. Pai likes to use VSCO for filters and Snapseed for fine-tuning.

  5. And of course, always use relevant hashtags.

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