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Avoid These Social Media Snafus That Can Drive Away Customers

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Although social media used to be reserved for family, friends, and vacation pics, now it’s among the most popular methods to market businesses of any size. You can market your business on social media without investing a dime, and it helps you reach audiences, especially Millennials, in a way traditional ads don’t. The danger with social media is that using it incorrectly can send potential customers away from your business. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid with your business’s social media accounts.

Posting Too Much

If you have any Facebook friends that post every detail of their lives, you already know why posting too much is a bad idea. People don’t want their feeds full of your business’s posts. It’s even worse if you’re overdoing it with promotional posts, which gives the impression that your business is just trying to sell to people.

While it’s fine to promote your business, the bulk of your posts should be non-promotional. The goal with social media is to connect with others and provide value. If you do that, it builds interest in your brand much more than direct promotion.

To avoid posting too much, spend time engaging with other users by sharing, liking, or commenting on their posts. This helps you connect with others and makes those users more likely to engage with your posts.

Being Generic

Social media marketing is immensely popular. Almost every business does it, and many adopt the same basic style with their posts. Erring on the side of caution and being conservative may seem like smart ideas to avoid any faux pas, but then you look like every other business that’s afraid to take risks.

It’s better to inspire strong reactions in people than no reaction at all. To get people’s attention, it’s important to develop a unique online voice for your business. Your voice is what helps people connect with your brand and enjoy reading your content.

Wendy’s is one of the best examples of the value of a unique online voice. On its Twitter, Wendy’s adopted a casual, sarcastic style where it made jokes about other fast food companies and even other Twitter users. People loved it, and Wendy’s got quite a bit of media attention, as well.

Ignoring Messages or Comments

No one likes feeling ignored, and social media is one area where people want quick responses, with 84 percent of consumers expecting a response within 24 hours of contacting a business’s social media account. If your business takes too long to respond or ignores a customer entirely, it creates a negative perception of your brand.

To keep people happy, make sure you respond to every message and comment your business’s social media accounts get. It’s even more important to do so with any complaints, otherwise you look like you’re intentionally ignoring negative comments. If you’re having trouble keeping up with those social media interactions, consider outsourcing that task to make life easier for yourself.

It’s easier to build and maintain a good reputation for your business than to rebuild a bad one. Watch out for these social media snafus to develop a strong social media presence.

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