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Building Customer Relationships on Pinterest

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Staying on top of all the various channels that offer online marketing opportunities for your small business includes understanding how to best utilize each of the popular social media platforms. One social media outlet that isn’t often mentioned in social media marketing strategies is Pinterest. Because of Pinterest’s visual focus, it offers a significant opportunity to build relationships with a wide audience of potential customers or clients, and showcase your small business’s products and services.

Creating a Community on Pinterest

Don’t make the mistake of trying to draw the whole world in to your Pinterest boards. You’ll do better in terms of effective marketing and building customer relationships by keeping your content focused on the specific marketplace that your business serves. By doing this, you’ll be more likely to engage followers and maintain the interest of individuals who represent actual potential customers.

In creating boards and pins on Pinterest, you want to set things up to encourage interaction with followers. One key step in accomplishing that goal is to create Pinterest boards that are open to guest pins, which means that your followers can post pins of their own to your boards. Monitor what’s posted to make sure that there’s no offensive or inappropriate material. Motivate followers to participate by doing things such as inviting people to pin the best photo on a given subject, offering the winner a freebie or discount from your business.

To broaden your reach, cross post pins on your other social media platforms, such as your Facebook page and your Twitter feed.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

The key to successful marketing on Pinterest is to remember that it’s a visual platform instead of a text-focused platform. No matter what the subject of any pin you post, use a high-impact visual. Infographics seem to be especially popular on Pinterest; consider pinning one when the appropriate opportunity arises.

Your activity on Pinterest should take a more relaxed, fun tone compared to posting on a professional networking site like LinkedIn. Active Pinterest users often post uplifting or inspiring quotations and/or photos; don’t shy away from showing some real personality on Pinterest. Again, the goal of using Pinterest is more focused on building customer relationships instead of direct advertising or making sales.

To foster interest in your business and effectively engage new customers, you can pin product photos, links to blog articles on your company website and post discount coupons in graphics form. Create an “About Us” board where you can pin photos of employees, with links to employee bios on your website, testimonials from customers, and pins representing noteworthy clients or customers.

With a little effort, you can also use Pinterest as a market research tool. Check out the profiles and pins of your followers to get a better idea of their interests. You can then better tailor the content you post to be of interest to them.

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