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Enhance Customer Engagement Online With These Tools

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As a small business owner, you know that the time you spend with your customers is vital to your continued success. That includes time online, where customer engagement is part of the journey that leads to sales and growth. Fortunately, a wealth of online tools, widgets, and apps are available to help boost customer engagement on your website and your social media pages.


The GetSiteControl widget collects data from the registered users visiting your website and e-commerce pages and then turns it around to help you create personalized messages targeted at individual users. For example, you can greet your visitors by name, offering them discounts on the products they’ve shown interest in.


Your customers are all over social media, so that’s where you want to be, too. Buffer makes it easy to organize and schedule content for all your social media platforms at once. You can add and schedule content from any device, maintaining the kind of consistent social media presence that’s necessary for customer engagement. Buffer also includes analytics to help you understand where and how to tweak your social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Platform Proprietary Apps

Instagram Stories is all about engagement, so it makes sense for you to establish a presence there. This Insta tool lets your customers understand your business better by taking them behind the scenes to see your products in action through videos and slideshows. It’s an ideal way to introduce new products or services. Similarly, Facebook Live sends videos directly to your waiting customers in real time, demanding their attention and engagement. Make sure your video content adds value to your customers’ lives, and include links or other calls to action to translate their immediate engagement into purchasing decisions.

Adobe Spark

In a cluttered marketplace, you need content that stands out to keep your customers’ engagement high. Spark helps you create the video content you need to power not only your use of Instagram Stories and Facebook Live but also SnapChat and Twitter.


Nothing kills customer engagement faster than their inability to reach you when you have a problem. That’s where Freshdesk’s app Hotline steps in. It connects to your mobile apps to provide direct connection between your support staff and your customers. Now your people can resolve issues immediately, before your customers have the opportunity to head to social media to complain about your business, spreading their disengagement to all their friends. When your customers can finish transactions with no glitches, they’re happier and more engaged.


Marketing automation is at the heart of customer engagement these days, thanks to its ability to personalize customer contacts without requiring lots of hands-on time from your employees. Check out the beautifully designed Intercom app for marketing automation tasks, including targeted email support and customer chat.


Customer engagement is a two-way street, which means you need to listen to your customers as well as push content toward them. CLIENTPulse is a great app for soliciting customer feedback and crunching the data. Engagement grows when your customers realize that you’re truly listening and care about what they think.

Engaged customers can work like a super-enthusiastic sales force. So, the more effort you put into engaging them online, the greater the chance of them buying from you and sharing positive information about your business with their social circles, and the greater the returns you’ll experience now and in the future.

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