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Elevate Customers’ Social Media Engagement With Your Business

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Social media is a powerful tool for building rapport with current and potential customers. Young people in particular spend a lot of time on social media and often have accounts on multiple platforms. Understanding how to leverage social sites to create engagement gives you a boost over the competition and turns casual visitors into brand ambassadors.

Levels of Social Media Engagement

When it comes to social media, there are three levels of engagement between your business and site visitors. At the first level, people simply follow your feed, comment on your posts, or “like” your page, but there’s little interaction beyond that. When you reach the second level of social media engagement with customers, they start to become interactive. At this level, you might notice frequent shares and retweets, and your search engine referrals may start to rise as your search ranking goes up due to increased links and mentions. Social media engagement reaches the third and highest level when people register as fans through specialized programs you set up or spread the word about your business by blogging or posting about you.

Evaluating Social Engagement

Most social platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, offer tools to evaluate social engagement. Checking out the analytics section of your account can give insights into how many visitors respond to your posts and what form that interaction takes. Follower numbers, subscribers, and inbound links can give you an idea of your overall social media visibility, while tracking increases in sales or referrals can help you figure out your level of influence on social media. Take note of which posts generate clicks, shares, and comments to determine engagement. Comparing data from multiple platforms shows you which efforts are paying off, so you can focus on posting the most effective types of content for your business.

Increasing Connections Via Social Media

The end-goal of your social media engagement strategy is to turn site interactions into sales. However, this isn’t just about immediate purchasing decisions. Building a deep relationship with customers should be your focus, as this encourages future sales. Respond to feedback promptly, and make a habit of experimenting with new forms of content, such as video posts or live streaming, to capture visitor attention. Interacting directly with customers who post on your social pages builds rapport that can move site visitors to higher levels of engagement. Don’t be shy about asking for what you want from site visitors. Adding a note to share your content or asking questions at the end of posts to encourage comments are good social media practices. Similarly, offering special access deals to frequent contributors can lift social media engagement to the brand ambassador level. From encouraging visitors to follow your brand on social media to building relationships with people who spread the word about your business, your social media engagement can deepen customer loyalty where it counts.

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