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How a CMO Can Benefit Your Startup

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Visibility is essential for startups, but standing out from the competition can be a struggle. If it fits in the budget, hiring a chief marketing officer can really help your company gain much-needed exposure in today’s saturated markets. Attempting to handle marketing duties yourself or alongside a small team can take up valuable time that should be spent growing the company in other ways. Additionally, a professional small business CMO possesses unique skills and experiences that can elevate your startup’s marketing strategies to new heights.

Gain Dedicated Marketing Expertise

The internet has made marketing much more accessible to the average person, but that doesn’t mean everyone is a marketing expert. When you have a dedicated marketing professional on your team, you and the rest of the staff can focus on doing what you do best. Just like you wouldn’t expect your customer service reps to also handle accounting, you should also have a separate person or department to take care of your startup’s marketing needs.

Scale Up as Needed

Even if your current low-cost marketing strategies are working for the time being, your goal as a startup should be to expand over time. Adding a CMO to your roster later when it’s absolutely necessary can help, but having one grow with you is a more effective strategy. Your CMO provides valuable insight that helps you during the growth process. A good marketing professional can identify opportunities and help your startup make the most of them. Instead of viewing a CMO as someone who can be added when your company is larger, view the CMO as someone who can help your company get large in the first place.

Add Legitimacy to Press Relationships

A good CMO can make your company more reputable and credible when it comes to public relations and press relationships. A top-notch CMO should help your startup with networking and communicating in a way that lends an air of authenticity and experience to your young company. You and the rest of your team can use online and face-to-face marketing techniques to reach out to the public and the press, but it’s not going to be as effective as having a dedicated marketing expert handling that necessary aspect of growing your business.

Establish Your Brand as an Authority

In order to succeed these days, you need to do more than simply offer an outstanding product or service, you need to establish a solid brand. Your potential customers or clients need to view your company as an authority, not an imitator. A CMO can work alongside you to find your company’s unique voice and image. Branding a company can be much more challenging than many startups realize, and establishing your brand as an expert resource early on is a serious advantage. You don’t want to be viewed as a company that started off shaky and then eventually found itself later.

Weigh Cost vs. Reward

Yes, adding another salary to the payroll can be a daunting prospect. However, the long-term benefits often outweigh the initial cost if you find the right person. If you’re not able to afford a dedicated CMO now, consider working with a part-time consultant to ensure that you get your marketing strategies on point right from the beginning.

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