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How and Why to Use Facebook’s Check-In Feature at Your Business

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Facebook’s check-in feature lets users share with friends and family where they are and what they’re doing. When a Facebook user is doing something fun or exciting, utilizing the check-in feature sets the scene and tells everyone watching, “I was there.” For example, when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series in 2016 for the first time in over a century, thousands of Facebook users checked in from the ensuing celebration outside Wrigley Field. Not every Facebook check-in occurs at a monumental event such as a presidential inauguration or momentous sporting event. People check in at all sorts of ordinary places as well, such as restaurants, the gym, the grocery store, and even their own homes. In fact, many of your customers would probably check in at your business if you gave them the chance and planted the idea in their heads. The resulting exposure could increase your branding and potentially bring you more customers.

How to Enable Facebook Check-Ins

For customers to check in at your business, you have to enable the feature on your business’s Facebook Page. To do so, access your Facebook Page and click the About tab on the left side. From there, select Page Info, click to edit the Address section, and add the address of your business. You must include your business’s physical address on your page for check-ins to work. Adding your address results in a map appearing in the Address section the next time you click to edit it. Do this – and below the map, check the box that says, “Show maps and check-ins on the Page.” Finally, save your changes again, and check-ins should be enabled.

Benefits of Enabling Facebook Check-Ins

Facebook Check-Ins are an effective lean marketing technique that costs your business nothing and can be implemented in minutes. When a customer checks in, potentially hundreds of their Facebook friends see that they’re at your business, many of whom may not have heard of it before. This increases your brand recognition. Moreover, most Facebook users don’t check in somewhere unless they’re happy to be there. Sure, you get the occasional person who checks in at the DMV and adds a snide remark, but most people check in at establishments they favour. Chances are good, then, that at least some of the customers who check in at your business also take the time to add a line or two about the good experience they had.

Enticing Customers to Check In

Getting check-ins at your business can be as simple as putting signs up indicating that the feature is enabled and suggesting that your customers consider using it. Additionally, for customers with whom you have good client relationships, consider asking them face to face for a check-in. Of course, the best way to entice people to do anything – including checking in at your business – is to offer an incentive. Let them know there’s something in it for them. For example, if your business is a sandwich shop, offer a free cookie to any customer who purchases a sandwich and checks in on Facebook.

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