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Marketing: Guide to Facebook Live

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Facebook Live represents the next level of engagement with your social media followers. This feature, rolled out in 2016, lets you incorporate video into your Facebook posts. If you have a smartphone with internet access, you can broadcast live to your Facebook audience anytime and from any place.

Since Facebook users receive push notifications when someone they follow goes live, Facebook Live can be a highly effective marketing tool. Learn how to use Facebook Live to promote your business and identify the best times to go live to your Facebook audience.

Facebook Live Basics

Recording and broadcasting live video on Facebook is as easy as the click of a button. To use Facebook Live, access your business’s Facebook page on an iPhone or Android device and click in the field to update your status, just as you would to make a typical Facebook post. Below the text field, you’ll see an option for Live Video. Press this button, and the live stream prep page appears. This gives you the opportunity to get the lighting right, prepare to shoot, and choose the audience for your video. Like a typical Facebook post, you can include or exclude certain people or groups from seeing your video.

Once everything is set to your liking, press the Go Live button and begin recording. Anyone on your recipient list who has signed up to receive push notifications will get one that your business is live. This is a fantastic way to reach a wide audience for free with a new product announcement or special message from your company.

Announcing New Products

Facebook Live provides the perfect platform for a new product announcement. It combines the immediacy of a traditional Facebook post with the interactive qualities of video. With a standard text post, you can describe your product and all its features, but your audience is unable to see it in action. Facebook Live solves this problem — unlike video marketing of years past, you don’t have to fork over big money or rent studio space to shoot.

Even better, Facebook users are accustomed to seeing amateurs film and appear in live videos on the platform. Consequently, there is no need to hire professional actors or videographers to create your Facebook Live videos. It can be just as effective, and maybe even more so, to feature your employees and customers.

Going Behind the Scenes

Showing your Facebook audience what happens behind the scenes lets them see you and your employees as people, rather than as a faceless business trying to take their money. Watching you laugh, joke, and have fun on the job makes customers feel more at ease with you, as they can relate to you on a human level.

Whenever your company has a fun employee event, such as a ping-pong tournament in the break room on a Friday afternoon, it’s the perfect opportunity to go live on Facebook. Your audience will be entertained and have some laughs, and you’ll seem more approachable to them when they have a need for your services.

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