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Use a Podcast to Help Your Small Business Grow

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A new take on radio shows, podcasts are digital audio files that fans listen to over the internet. You may already have a list of inspiring entrepreneurial podcasts you listen to on a regular basis for fresh ideas and expert insight on business-related topics. Being a podcast listener can help you improve your business, but creating a podcast of your own can be just as helpful in growing your small business for several reasons.

Collaborate With Industry Influencers

If you’re starting a podcast to grow your business, the obvious topic of choice is your industry, and a popular format to consider is an interview with experts in the industry. By collaborating with the influencers in your niche, you can learn from them directly and use their connections to grow your following. Your podcast can become a networking tool for meeting others in your field, bouncing ideas off of each other, and collaborating on future projects.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

While you’re collaborating with the experts in your industry, you’re also establishing yourself as one. If you produce a quality podcast related to your business, you begin growing the library of information you have on the internet. When people find that information, they see you as someone who is knowledgeable and a go-to resource for additional information. Tying the podcast to your company also makes your small business stand out as a leader in the industry.

Grow Your Client Base

Developing a podcast is also a low-cost way to expand your content marketing efforts. You put your company out there in a different format that potentially reaches people through their everyday searches, and that gives you a new avenue for reaching potential clients. For instance, someone may find your construction podcast while searching about how to fix a squeaky floor. They listen to your podcast and like what they hear. They might even explore past episodes and learn more about home improvement and home repair. Because you establish yourself as a construction expert in your podcasts, you gain trust from that listener. If the person decides to hire a company to handle a repair or home improvement project, you pop to mind first.

Develop Public Speaking Skills

Your voice becomes the hallmark of your podcast, and as you record episodes, you strengthen your speaking skills. Ideally, you want your voice to sound clear and dynamic to keep people listening. If you mumble, talk quickly, or bounce from idea to idea without a clear flow, people can’t understand you and may not listen to your podcast. Because this format is all auditory, you have to focus on your delivery to ensure it’s concise, clear, and engaging.

Podcasts give you a less intimidating way to practice those public speaking skills since you aren’t in front of a live audience when you record. Developing a clear, strong voice through your podcast translates into stronger public speaking skills in other aspects of your business. During meetings or sales pitches, you come across as confident and in command. You may feel more comfortable giving speeches, which gives your business additional exposure.

Producing a small business podcast shows your company is a cutting-edge industry leader. You also gain increased exposure and improved communication skills for a relatively small investment.

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